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Video: THIS exploitation is FINE, but ENGLAND FLAG taken DOWN as it ‘PROMOTES BREXIT’

A polling station being used in the EU referendum at Batley Town Hall in the constituency Labour MP Jo Cox.

ENGLAND football flags have been REMOVED from a polling station based in a SPORTS club after a Lbour Remain voter complained they would act as a “dog whistle” for Brexit in the EU referendum.

Mayfield Cricket Club in Palmers Green, Enfield, were ordered to take down the St George’s cross flags after the Electoral Commission received a number of complaints that it looked like an “EDL rally”.
England flags have been removed from a polling station in north London Hardcore Labour, Spurs and Hillary Clinton fan Christopher Lewis, 29, said he thought the clubhouse looked like an “EDL rally”.
He said:“It wasn’t that it was shocking to see the flags , it was that they should have been removed before the referendum.“I think any symbol like the St George’s flag has become a dog whistle for the Brexit campaign.” Join today

A statement from Enfield Council said: “St George’s flags were hanging in the private sports club as part of the club’s celebration of Euro 2016.

“They were removed promptly this morning by Enfield Council staff.” Mr Lewis, a product manager, said he thought the decision was right because flags should have been removed before the once in a generation vote.

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He said: “I can only imagine this story if they were European Union flags.”

say it

The action was in marked contrast to the scenes outside polling stations in West Yorkshire. ‘Floral tributes’ such as the one shown above outside Batley Town Hall, were permitted by polling station staff. They, of course, are appointed by the local Labour council and are all members of the EU-funded civil service union, UNISON.

After the picture was published by the Press Association, many people took to social media to condemn the ‘disgraceful’ way in which the tragic death of Jo Cox has been ‘weaponised’ by desperate Remain ghouls.

The contrast between the two cases sums up the psychological aggression that has come from the Europhile camp throughout their thoroughly manipulative campaign. UK voters who haven’t yet been to the polls STILL have time to do something about it!


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