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Video and movie review – Angry Birds


We here at the KTI don’t normally do film reviews, let alone ones of “children’s movies”, but the new Angry Birds offering is no normal film, so here’s a short video review which sums the whole thing up very well.

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The arrival of the pig villains – who are unmistakably Islamist – quickly flags up the fact that this isn’t the usual liberal “lions will die down with lambs” lectures that Hollywood invariably has for our children. After all, we are talking about a mass migration of ‘refugees’ to a new land, many who do not follow the rules of the land, and try to force their behaviour onto the original residents.

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The premise of the game is established in the second part of the movie, when the pigs successfully steal all the eggs on the island, and the birds have to get them back. It’s there that the giant catapult comes into play, and if you’re a fan of the game, the next 20 minutes are what you want to watch.

Interestingly, the Mighty Eagle – clearly a symbol for America under Obama – is the single most stupid, self-obsessed, pathetic character in the movie, and that includes the pigs themselves, who are as dumb in the movie as they are in the game. Meanwhile, the the hero birds who lead the fight back against the pig invasion (despite the betrayal and cowardly stupidity of the local bird elite) are the colours of the German flag.

There is absolutely no question as to the message viewers are supposed to take from this very unusual and actually rather good film. The only question that experienced, knowledgeable patriots will be asking themselves after watching it is “Why?”

After all, it’s a mainstream Hollywood production. That is, it comes from a stable which has spent decades systematically using propaganda and nation-wrecking moral subversion disguised and (profitably) sold as entertainment. And then all of a sudden they produce this. Did it somehow just slip through the industry’s self-censorship net? Has there been a sudden outbreak of common sense? Or has it been decided that there’s a war to be fought against Muslims (not just Wahhabis, but ALL Muslims) and that it’s time to step up the mental conditioning of the future cannon-fodder?

Watch it and decide for yourself. And take the kids or grandchildren, because they really need to see it, and they’ll love it!


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