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Video: Another English Civil War? Sign Defend Brexit Petition to Her Majesty the Queen – OUR VOTE MUST STAND!


Defend Brexit, Democracy and British Freedom! 

Your Majesty!

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We, Your people, have spoken! We have sent to your Parliament a clear instruction immediately to withdraw your United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from the European Union. Yet now we see with growing alarm that a faction of Parliamentarians is plotting to delay and defy this democratic expression of the will of the majority of Your sovereign People.

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We further see this assault on our democracy and on the sovereign power of Your Subjects as a developing constitutional crisis which, if allowed to continue, could plunge this realm into conflict and disaster.

We note that the proposed attempt by a faction within and outside Parliament to thwart the will of Your People would constitute not politics but rebellion against our democratic system. This threat clearly places these circumstances beyond the constitutional convention whereby Your Majesty is required to refrain from involvement in politics.

We therefore respectfully urge Your Majesty to speak out in defence of the sovereignty of Your People and to insist that their servants in Parliament obey and apply their democratically expressed wishes without delay or interference. Democracy and freedom must be defended!

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Why involve the Queen?

Undemocratic campaigners to ignore our wishes and to ‘Remain’ are petitioning the lame-duck Prime Minister in Number 10 for a Second Referendum. Europhiles in the media are using this as part of a coordinated campaign to create pressure to keep Britain in the EU.

An unholy cross-party alliance of out-of-touch politicians are openly demanding that Parliament simply ignore the ‘Leave’ decision.  By breaking his promise to trigger the Article 50 Leave process immediately, David Cameron has sent a clear signal that he sympathises with this blatant attack on democracy and freedom.

Under these circumstances it would be utterly pointless for defenders of our sovereignty and freedom (including many ‘Remain’ voters who are rightly appalled at the sight of politicians seeking to reject the democratically expressed will of the majority) to petition Parliament. After all, it is the politicians themselves who are manoeuvring to defy the People.

Fortunately, under these circumstances, the traditional wisdom of our unwritten British Constitution provides a remedy to the potential threat of a rebel Parliament trying to ignore the People – a direct petition to Her Majesty the Queen who, as Head of State and Chief of the Armed Forces, stands above Parliament and has the power and right to speak out and insist that the democratically expressed wishes of a clear majority of Her Subjects be upheld.

With the help of a network of EU-funded liberal-left campaign groups, the enemies of democracy have already promoted a highly–publicised petition with over three million signatures calling for a ‘second referendum’ attack on the popular decision to take back our freedom. We URGENTLY need to counter this assault on democracy by matching their petition to Cameron with this one to the Queen. So please sing it and pass it on – right now!

Our freedom was not FREE, Millions of our people, our blood, died to ensure YOUR civil and democratic rights yet here we are in 2016 witnessing the most incredible attack on democracy seen since the King closed Parliament and sparks the civil war! Let us be clear here, this is NOT the hard left behind this, indeed even the vile Socialist Workers are supporting the democratic mandate the Brexit vote won.

This fascist attempt to overturn the lawful and democratic Brexit vote is being pushed by the so called ‘Liberal elite’ the ‘Islington’ set, the urban hipsters, students and outside influences like AVAAZ .  Other George Soros funded agitators are also involved in this shameful attempt to deny the British people their democratic mandate.

The people of Britain now need to make a decision: Do they allow the liberal fascists to sweep away the Brexit vote and any notion of Democracy won for them by their forefathers at great cost or do the British FIGHT BACK?

You can be part of history and the resistance by signing the petition here

And you can do your Duty by sharing the petition to EVERY single person you know on Facebook, Twitter and by any other means possible. Thank You and remember…The British united in truth and justice have NEVER been defeated, let us all make sure it stays that way. NO SURRENDER!

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