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Video: Coloured Revolution vs Brexit. If you think voting alone brings freedom, think again!


The people of Britain are about to become the next victims of the ‘Coloured Revolution’ tactics used by Washington and Brussels against democratically elected governments from Serbia to Syria, from Ukraine to Brazil.

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Within a few days of the British electorate’s totally unforeseen grass-roots decision to defy Establishment bullying and waves of MSM propaganda to vote for Brexit, the counter move of the New World Order globalists and banksters is already becoming clear. Whether their effort will work is another matter, but it is already under way:

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First, a concerted attack on sterling and leading shares to apply financial pressure and justify the self-fulfilling prophesies of gloom and doom of the defeated Remain camp.

Second, massive psychological pressure organised by ‘civil society’ organisations, such as Avaaz, masquerading as grass-roots social media protests but in fact funded by Foundations financed by Brussels and George Soros. The spear-point of this propaganda campaign is at present the petition for a Second Referendum, which has already passed the three million mark, even when tens of thousands of bogus signatures have been identified and removed.

Third, the use of other ‘civil society’ groups, including SumOfUs and 38 Degrees, to conducted rolling polls of ‘progressive’ public opinion so as to ascertain which themes and attacks on Brexit will be the most effective. This is a key technique taught in ‘color revolution’ training course modelled on the proposals of Gene Sharp and now honed by John Carlane, liberal globalist former British Army officer turned  head of the Peace Education and Training Repository.

Fourth, the mobilisation of crowds of angry and clearly violence-prone protesters in London and other key cities. Despite the fact that many on the British far-left campaigned for Brexit, gangs carrying Communist and anarchist flags are out on the streets. They are supposedly to defend ethnic minorities (many of whom in fact voted alongside their indigenous working class counterparts for Brexit)  but have already been involved in attacks on known or suspected Brexiteers.

Fifth, the CIA/liberal elite’s retained propaganda corps of bought-and-paid-for MSM journalists are lying and twisting flat out to exploit all the above in an effort to frighten ‘soft’ Brexit voters into changing their minds and build up momentum for a drive to use the autumn’s expected General Election as a de facto Second Referendum.

The aim of this combined hybrid war on the British majority is to derail the whole Brexit process and keep Britain in the EU (or at least to turn leaving into such a shambles that no other country will dare to follow suite).

This explains why Prime Minister Cameron has already broken his promise during the referendum that, in the event of a Leave vote, he would immediately trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty in order to set Brexit in motion. It is now blatantly obvious that the Europhile elite have no intention of allowing such a minor inconvenience as the democratically expressed will of the British people to disrupt the process of ‘ever closer Union’ or of the geo-political ‘necessity’ of keeping the EU united for the deepening confrontation with Russia.

In advance of last Thursday’s vote, the Brussels-rule camp pulled out all the stops, with multi-levelled frauds and the ruthless exploitation of the murder of Jo Cox looking certain to secure a manipulated but unquestionable Remain vote.

Despite the failure of the campaign, a vociferous minority of hardcore Europhiles, led at present by Tory grandee Lord Heseltine and ‘moderate’ Labour and MPs such as David Lammy and LibDem leader Tim Farron, are not going to accept the verdict of the referendum.

Instead, they are trying desperately to give the liberal elite the nerve and confidence for their biggest ever display of out-of-touch arrogance – denying the British people the right to have their Brexit decision implemented.

Will they get away with it? There is simply no way of telling. But there is no doubt that this is their game plan. And roughly the same thing worked just fine in France, Holland and Ireland, so be sure they will think they will. Don’t expect stability and certainty any time soon.

Sign the Petition to defend our Brexit choice here: SIGN the petition here

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