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Video – this greedy warmonger is behind ‘Remain’ agitation (as well as the attacks on Donald Trump and the 2nd Amendment


George Soros is at it again! On top of his own very public attempts to scare the British people into voting to remain in the anti-Christian, liberal totalitarian EU, the world’s most notorious greedy financial shark, is a major behind-the-scenes funder of much of the slick #Remain campaign, particularly on social media.

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One of the pack leaders of the Remain jackals’ ruthless exploitation of the murder of Jo Cox is social media campaign organisation Avaaz.

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Avaaz was co-founded in 2007 by “Res Publica, a global civic advocacy group, and Moveon.org.” The former received grants totaling $250,000 from the Soros Open Society Institute in 2008. The latter received a $1.46 million grant from George Soros in 2004. Res Publica describes Avaaz.org as its “primary current project.”

According to a 2007 ABC News report, Avaaz.org is a “global advocacy group funded by philanthropist and financier George Soros, MoveOn.org and the labor group SEIU.”

According to the 2009 Form 990 (page 87) filed by the Open Society Foundations, OSF gave $600,000 to Avaaz.org via New York-based Res Publica; $300,000 for “general support to Avaaz.org” and $300,000 for “Avaaz.org’s work on climate change.”

Soros’ main interest in keeping Britain in the EU at present is his scheme to use the European Union as a weapon in his vendetta against Russia and Vladimir Putin. This is at least partly the result of Putin’s refusal to let foreign multi-nationals and Soros’ greedy oligarch friends loot Russia as they did under the Nato/EU puppet Boris Yeltsin.

Anyone tempted to vote Remain should be aware that to do so is to accept being told what to do by the man behind the worst speculative attack on our currency in history, and that every extra Remain vote is another vote for confrontation and war with Russia.




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