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Watch shocking testimony of one of young victims of paedophile grandson of Freud. Did this pervert kill Maddie?


Well, there’s a surprise! Clement Freud, grandson of Sigmund Freud – one of the most destructive enemies of Christian culture in the entire history of Europe – turns out to have been not ‘only’ a paedophile sexual predator, but also a close friend of the main suspect in her kidnapping and presumed murder.

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Freud, who was unmasked as a child abuser last week, was a regular at a pub in Praia da Luz dubbed The Plough and Paedophile. Maddie-suspect Robert Murat was also a regular.

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The fact Freud and Murat knew each other is one in a series of odd links that the dead former Liberal MP had to the McCanns.

He had also hosted Gerry and Kate at his extravagant Praia da Luz home, just a few hundred yards away from where their daughter disappeared, in the days after Madeleine disappeared in 2007.

Clement’s grandfather is regarded as the ‘father of psychoanalysis’, the bogus and heavily debunked pseudo-science that (profitably) ‘explains’ human behaviour as the product of a tangle of sexual inadequacies and bad potty training.


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