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Video: Time to reject violence and to cut its roots. How the ‘political elite’are set to get it all wrong yet again


The headlines and fall-out from Brexit may conceal it for a few weeks, but in the wake of the terrible murder of MP Jo Cox, a spectre is haunting Britain – the spectre of the Troubles of Northern Ireland.

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Everything points to the mainland heading rapidly down the same slippery slope of repression, conflict and terrorism that gripped the Province in the 1960s. And, just like last time, a poisonous mixture of political and religious extremism and the heavy-handed decisions of a worried, self-righteous and foolish political establishment will all play key roles in the unfolding tragedy.

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A clampdown is coming. Once the Westminster elite finish their current round of Climb The Greasy Pole, they – backed by the ‘liberal’ media – will launch an unprecedented peacetime assault on free speech.  This will include its exercise in the public opinion forming playing-field leveller of social media. Basic democratic rights to meet, organise and campaign about views and subjects regarded as Beyond the Pale by the political establishment and its MSM gatekeepers will be snatched away.

The Jo Cox killing, ruthlessly exploited by Remain and its allies in their fortunately failed attempt to prevent a Leave vote in the Brexit referendum, is going to be exploited again, to implement a crackdown not on violence but on all politically incorrect dissent.  They’ve been demanding it for years, and now the Powers That Be have the ‘justification’ they need to do it.  It was their Reichstag Fire moment and, despite the delay caused by ‘events’, Britain is about to receive an object lesson in the intolerance of the tolerant.

David Cameron spelled it out in Birstall: “Where we see hatred, where we find division, where we see intolerance we must drive it out of our politics and out of our public life and out of our communities.”

And the Leader-as-we-go-to-press of the Opposition echoed the Prime Minister: “It’s the well of hatred that killed her… we will not allow those people that spread hatred and poison to divide our society, we will strengthen our democracy, strengthen our free speech.”

Drive out intolerance. Strengthen free speech by stopping people saying things with which they disagree. It is unclear whether they have forgotten 1984, or are using it as an instruction manual.

If the latter, then the problem is that the subtitle of the manual is not “Ten Easy Steps to Peace and Harmony in a Bankrupt Multi-Cultural Utopia”, but “The Idiot’s Guide to Inciting Terrorism”. The hypocrisy and ill-concealed totalitarianism of the Westminster Bubble would be laughable if it wasn’t so dangerous.

Emotional Foundation

At first, the clampdown was planned to begin once the funeral of Jo Cox had taken place and the Remain celebrations had finished.  This would have provided the perfect emotional foundation for a propaganda onslaught against the ‘extremist ideology’ and ‘divisiveness’ of the ‘far-right’.

Now, however, it will probably have to wait not just until the main party leadership questions are settled, but until after the forthcoming House of Commons Inquiry into ‘extremism’ (i.e. their political opponents).

Meanwhile, the liberal media are lying overtime to try to kill two birds with one stone with a wave of propaganda about how the Brexit vote has supposedly unleashed a tidal wave of ‘racism’.

The ground is being prepared for a clampdown which would increase the elite’s chances of getting away with their forthcoming attempt to derail Brexit, by silencing the myriad of social media voices opposing both immigration and the Europhile agenda.

The publicity will no doubt focus on Britain First, whose deeply counter-productive use of so-called ‘mosque invasions’ as the motor of a fund-raising drive was recently compounded by a spectacularly badly-timed ‘training camp’, complete with ‘self-defence’ training, camouflage jackets and what a future Public Order Act prosecution will seek to portray as a paramilitary-style Oath of Allegiance.

The enormous Facebook reach of Britain First’s anti-EU memes and videos without doubt helped sway the Brexit vote, so the Powers That Be will be looking for opportunities to take out this troublesome opponent, and more generally to get a grip on social media.

The juvenile posturings (pictured) and trolling activities of the neo-Nazi group National Action will also be presented as a mortal threat to British democracy and public safety sufficient to justify emergency legislation and the use of existing laws to clamp down not just on them but on a range of opinions and entirely peaceful and legitimate activities and organisations.

Making matters worse

All of which, unfortunately for the country as a whole, will only make matters worse. Because political violence is not the result of conspiracies or the ‘radicalisation’ of ordinary people by ‘extremists’, but of the desperation that can give their message a fatal appeal. And the more that dissent is suppressed, the more desperate some people will become as they look with horror at what the elite’s interconnected social engineering projects are doing to Britain and Western Europe.

Of course, the elite are in love with these projects – mass immigration, the marginalisation of Christianity, the replacement of traditional values with the concept that ‘anything goes’, the transfer of sovereignty and power from nation states to supra-national bodies, privatisation of the national Common Wealth, and the endless media glorification of the replacement of the diversity of the ‘old’ peoples of Europe with the diversity of individuals in the mixed race of the ‘future’.

But their enthusiasm is not shared by everybody. Indeed, the unexpected and massive surge for Brexit (which was only partly knocked back even by the wicked murder of Jo Cox) provided the proof that, despite all the mass media propaganda and decades of liberal indoctrination in schools, the views and desires of the political elite are held by only a minority of the population.

Which means that Cameron’s promise to “drive out” views he and his colleagues regard as ‘intolerant’ is actually a threat not just to a few hundred ‘radical right extremists’, but to the majority of the British people. The political and moral opinions of millions of ordinary, decent, law-abiding citizens are about to be driven underground.

They may not all wake up to find armed police Stormtroopers crashing through their front doors, they may not all end up in court of Public Order Act charges, but they will all feel the intimidation that results – as is intended.  The frustration and anger that is the inevitable result will, in due course, be the creation of more Darren Copelands and Thomas Mairs.

The resulting radicalisation of mainly working class opponents of immigration will be compounded if the extreme Europhile wing of the political and media elite succeeds in its current and growing campaign to destabilise the economy and political and social structure of the country so as to prevent the Brexit decision from being implemented. Such a grotesque denial of democracy would at one fell swoop add tens of thousands of more middle class dissidents to the potential pool of terrorists convinced they are fighting for freedom.

The point has been understood and articulated by Dominic Lawson, writing in The Times:

“If you wanted to convulse the country with rioting on a revolutionary scale, to cause a lethal rupture between the governing class and the governed and even to provide the conditions for the rise of 21st-century fascism across Europe, here’s what you do.

“After a referendum in which an unprecedented number of voters took part, and in which well over a million more people voted for change than for the status quo on our membership of the EU, you declare that the decision cannot be allowed to stand, chiefly on the grounds that the people were too stupid to know what was good either for themselves or for the country.

“Do that, and the police might not be able to cope with the consequences: we could see tanks on the streets. And then those investors wetting themselves at the temporary turbulence of the markets after last week’s “leave” vote would discover what a real financial meltdown looks like.

“Yet apparently sane people such as Peter Sutherland (a former chairman of Goldman Sachs International and now the UN special representative for international migration), the leader of the Liberal Democrats, Tim Farron, and Tony Blair’s former spin doctor in chief, Alastair Campbell, have called for the referendum result to be ignored or reversed. Campbell has done so on the grounds that, as he tweeted, “EU law allows customers to withdraw from contract if contract based on lies. ‘Leave’ agenda riddled with them.” Coming from the propaganda maestro behind the so-called dodgy dossier on Iraq, this is beyond satire.”

From whence will the next generation of ‘far-right terrorists’ emerge? Not from the ridiculous clubs, run by morons, bigots and infiltrators that have risen on the ‘far-right’ since electoral fraud, gerrymandering, lawfare persecution, media smears and blackouts, all-party collaboration and disruption by agents provocateur broke up the BNP.

Deeply demonised though it was, the British National Party was the most effective real grassroots challenge to the liberal elite in England since the rise of the original Labour Party of Bob Blatchford and his fellow patriotic socialists. At its peak, despite levels of persecution and undemocratic obstacles without precedent in peacetime Britain, nearly one million people voted for the party, and thousands of people who had more or less given up on the democratic process were reinvolved in it.

Safety valves

With that gone, the threat of terrorism does not come from the alphabet soup of ‘nationalist’ grouplets that have filled the gap. The angry individuals in such clubs actually self-neutralise; they are happy letting off steam in their little meetings, it makes them feel as though they are doing something, then they go to the pub and wander home contented. It’s the people who aren’t in the clubs, totally below the radar, not the loudmouths but the say-nothings, who will cause the trouble.

It will not be ‘known trouble-makers’ who will stab more politicians and plant the utterly misconceived Friday bomb outside a crowded mosque that could provide Britain’s armed Islamist sleeper cells with the opportunity to start their Jihad in earnest. It will be respectable middle aged men and quiet teenagers who, with no legitimate way to make their opinions felt, will set about making their point through blood, flames and the death of innocents.

This is not to advocate such a course, it is to point out that this is where repression leads, and to implore those with the power to turn back from their current course before it is too late.

This plea will become all the more relevant and urgent if Cameron’s broken promise to trigger Article 50 immediately  morphs into a serious elite move to deny the majority of the British people their Brexit.

I speak from personal experience when I say that, in years of campaigning for the BNP, the single most common reason for a hostile reception on doorsteps was not the failings – real or alleged – of the party, but the anger of determined non-voters who would say bitterly: “Politicians? You’re all the same. You’re all in it for yourselves. I’m not voting because voting changes nothing”.

Failure to implement Brexit, or even a delay which makes it appear that the political elite considered defying the popular will but then lost their nerve, would add millions more to the ones who don’t vote at all – because they hate all politicians and what they’ve done to the country, and because they see no prospect of change through the ballot box. Which perhaps wouldn’t matter too much in a quiet, stable, homogeneous, prosperous little country in which no-one had any real worries. But that’s not an even remotely accurate description of Britain, is it?

Even if common sense and respect for democracy prevails and Brexit goes through promptly and smoothly, the political elite is without doubt set to use the Jo Cox tragedy to impose tougher laws, more highly publicised sackings Thought Criminals and the co-operation of social media giants against ‘hate speech’ – i.e. dissent.

Those in the Westminster Bubble will convince themselves that this will all be accepted by the public and, is so often the case, they will be wrong. A ComRes poll a few days after the Jo Cox murder found that 61% of the UK population (i.e. more than two thirds of non-Muslims) want criticism of Islam to be protected and exempt from proposed new legislation against ‘hate speech’. When it emerges that the new legislation will in fact be directed against the opponents of Islamisation more than anybody else, the public’s sense of alienated, oppressed grievance will only grow even deeper.

Class system and prejudice

There is no doubt that some of those advocating the repression of criticism of immigration and multiculturalism are motivated by ideology. In others, however, the problem also involves old-fashioned British class system snobbery.

You see, when people go straight from boarding at Eton to swanning round Oxford with the Bullingdon Club or the Fabian Society and thence to work in the City or a trade union head office research department, they don’t really get to meet many people from the real world, let alone members of the post-industrial wreckage of the working class. True, an MP will meet some of them in surgeries, but these will tend to self-select as deferential believers in the system, who recognise their need for help from their betters. All very cosy and ever so good for the egos of the Important Ones.

But what of those who have lost faith in the system? The huge and growing number who hate all politicians for  the fact that ‘they’ shut the factory/flooded the town with Muslims/passed the laws that stop divorced dads seeing their kids/closed the pit/wrecked this town/Other Gripe (delete as applicable). Of course, the political elite never speak to them at all. Perhaps they don’t even know they exist, though the clue is in the steadily shrinking number who even bother to vote.

Given this disconnect and their lack of real life experience, it’s not so surprising that the inhabitants of the Westminster and Islington Bubble tend to think of the uninvolved masses as passive spectators, as people who would never do anything unless someone either paid or incited them to do it.

I remember the moment when I knew that I’d won in my trial in Leeds for the ‘crime’ of trying to organise a political response to the refusal of the police, political class and media even to admit to –  let alone do anything about – the scandal of Muslim grooming gangs.

While being cross-examined by the CPS barrister – a hot shot up from London with a cut-glass public school and Oxbridge accent – I watched the faces of the jury when he said that the prosecution wasn’t about restricting free speech, but ensuring that it was exercised responsibly and in the right ways: “Things can be said in a debating society in Oxford that could have a very different effect in a pub in West Yorkshire!”

I translated for the jury’s benefit, though in truth I had already seen that they got the point themselves as the bewigged fool blew off his own foot: “So because people speak with working class northern accents you think they’re stupid and that they can’t think for themselves unless they’re wound up by a silver tongued ‘agitator’ like me. What a horrible snob!”

So here’s the crucial point that the out-of-touch elite totally miss: The ‘extremists’ who articulate concerns over immigration, Islamification, Europe, the sexualisation of four-year-olds and other trendy causes. Do not cause or incite those concerns, they simply reflect or magnify the feelings of a large minority, if not actually a majority, of the indigenous British population.


In the entire referendum campaign, only one left-wing commentator seemed to get this point. A lone dissenting voice from the Guardian’s usual group-think, John Harris, wrote:

“Even those who understand that something seismic is afoot among predominantly working-class voters are still too keen on the idea that they are gullible enough to be led over a cliff by people with whom they would actually disagree, if only they knew the facts. But most people are not really being “led” by anyone. In my experience, Farage, Boris Johnson and Michael Gove et al are viewed by most people with as much cynicism as the people fronting the remain campaign. Moreover, this argument is dangerously redolent of that lousy old Marxist trope of “false consciousness”, whereby people enthusiastically following the supposedly wrong cause are only a speech or poster away from enlightenment, and a sharp left turn.”

Just so! And the proportion of native Brits (and some assimilated immigrants) making up their own minds that their country has been sold by ‘traitors’ is only going to increase in the years ahead.  Regardless of Brexit and the political fall-out from the vote, immigration will continue, the demographic rise of Islam will speed up, and the population of natives will fall off a cliff as the baby boomers start to die off in serious numbers.

Leave. Remain. Cameron. Johnson. Farage. Corbyn. Watson.  None of it will make an iota of difference. Britain’s demographic makeup is about to hit a period of terrifying (for Mr & Mrs Average, if not for the elite) change as the nursing homes and funeral parlours fill up with babyboomer Brits, while the maternity wards, schools and first time voter lists fill up with fast-breeding Africans and Muslims from areas increasingly dominated by Salafist ideology and money.

In or out of the EU, regardless of immigration , in the next ten or twelve years, the number of Muslim-occupied houses will double as today’s schoolkids start families and need homes of their own.

To the political elite and to big business, this is a non-issue. The replacement of the dying British makes complete political and economic sense to them. And if the surviving natives don’t like it (and, as we’ve seen with the rise of Ukip on account of the mistaken popular belief that Nigel Farage wants to stop this, millions of them really don’t) the answer is to stop them talking about it on Facebook and sack, intimidate and jail those who refuse to accept their place and behave as obedient peasants should.

When it comes to dissent and alienation among Muslims, the liberal-left never tire of warning that any action to clamp down on the Salafist virus which is infecting their population will “turn them into martyrs” and ‘radicalise’ Muslim youngsters who are already alienated by poor economic prospects and real or imagined discrimination. Strangely, they seem blind to the possibility that the repression of non-liberal approved views among a white working class whose boys have sunk to the bottom of the educational attainment heap might also be counter-productive.

Lessons from Northern Ireland

The Conservatives should also know better, particularly given their historical links with the Unionist ‘Orange Ascendancy’ in Northern Ireland. Because the history of the Troubles should scream to anyone thinking of clamping down on dissent and anger among the English working class: “For God’s sake, no!”

In this context there is no point delving further back into history to note that the much-reviled discrimination by the ‘Protestant parliament for a Protestant people’ was not just a direct rhetorical response to the statement by de Valera that the Irish Parliament would be “an Catholic parliament for a Catholic people” but also a defensive reaction to the widespread ethnic cleansing of loyalists from the Irish Free State a generation earlier.

The whole ‘Irish Question’ was one of those historical tragedies in which both sides have their points and both sides do terrible and unfair things to each other. Human nature is tribal and, when two tribes share the same land, the best that skilled government can expect to achieve is to ensure that the tribalism takes the form of political jostling rather than violence.

Northern Ireland in the 1960s provides a textbook example of politicians and religious leaders – on both sides – getting it wrong, with not insignificant help from followers of the same revolutionary Marxism that has played such an important role in nudging mainland politics away from normal constitutional channels and towards a frustrated extremism. Whole books have been written on this subject, so let us simply sum it up as follows:

Working class Catholics felt aggrieved by discrimination against them by the largely Protestant ruling class. That ruling class refused to listen to their grievances, much less do anything to address them. Peaceful protests were suppressed, sparking a spiral of violent protest and violent suppression. This destabilised community relations. With no hope of a peaceful, democratic road, a few hundred young men took up arms. Young men in the other community followed suit. Thirty years of tit-for-tat terrorism followed.

Jeremy Corbyn in particular should be aware of the lessons the troubles teach about the dangers of denying people a viable political road. He has long been the close friend of a number of those who, ‘driven’ to take up arms, went on to order young men (very similar to Darren Copeland) to use guns and bombs to murder several thousand of their neighbours and British soldiers who were sent in to try to restore peace.

It is a little surprising that the British establishment appears already to have collectively forgotten the basic lesson written in blood in Northern Ireland: You may disagree with them, or even fear them, but if you deny people the chance of a realistic democratic road for their grievances and aspirations, then you will turn some of them into terrorists.


What Should They Do?

That being the case, what should the British and EU political elite do to head off a self-sustaining cycle of four-way  violence between the state and far-right, far-left and Islamic extremists?

They could make a useful start by leaving aside worries about ‘domestic extremism’ and concentrating as an emergency measure against foreign funding and promotion of radicalising ideologies.

Ghastly though the murder of Jo Cox was, its alleged perpetrator was clearly a lone wolf. If the Powers That Be respond to this crime by using it as an excuse to demonise and ban the opinions of millions of law-abiding Brits, then they will, as already noted, help to create more Darren Copelands and Thomas Mairs. But it’s not going to happen next week or next month.

By contrast, the threat from the thousands of ISIS and Al Qaeda Jihadis who have infiltrated Britain and other western nations is immediate and of truly monstrous proportions.

There are enough of them, and they have enough sympathy among a minority of the Sunni Muslim population, to launch anything from another Paris or Brussels Massacre through to a co-ordinated and simultaneous ‘Jihadi rebellion’ of mass casualty attacks. Their online manuals make it clear that these are intended to produce such a violent public reaction that untold thousands of young Muslims would turn to them in order to ‘defend our mosques and communities’. All of which could bring back another lesson from Northern Ireland – that ethnic cleansing and communal violence, once started, are very, very difficult to stop.

The danger of Islamist terror is so great, and its potential to produce and spark murder and mayhem on a massive scale is so real, that for the Westminster elite to suddenly demand that the police and security services take their eyes off the big green Salafist ball and waste resources hunting for ‘domestic extremists’ will literally be a criminal waste of police time.

The police and security forces should be left to use genuine intelligence to establish and follow their own priorities. The political elite, in both Westminster and Brussels, should in turn do their job and urgently research and legislate to deal with the genuine radicalisation menace posed by Wahhabi evangelism and funded by the Salafist regimes in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey.

Allowing these states to pour millions of pounds a year into funding community centres, mosques and fundamentalist ‘charities’ would be insane were it not for the fact that some of  those politicians turning a blind eye to it are themselves in receipt of funds from the same places, which makes their inaction criminal rather than mad.

The Other Face of Terror

While they’re at it, our lawmakers would do well to take a good look at the other side of the radicalisation-from-abroad coin: The enormous effort to promote the ‘Clash of Civilizations’ counter-jihad narrative by equally extreme North American-based Likudnik Zionists.

Fronted by Pamela Geller and funded by some of the wealthiest individuals and foundations in the USA, this started with the creation and funding of the English Defence League and has repeatedly tried to ‘improve’ on that provocation by inciting the ‘useful idiots’ of the street-level ‘counter-jihad’ movement to display obscene cartoons of Mohammad in the hope of sparking serious disorder in Muslim areas.

Alternative media operations run by the same people, particularly the ‘Gates of Vienna’ blog, continue to publicise a series of ‘How to…’ guides for would be anti-Muslim terrorists. These include advice on tactics, organising, targets for assassination and resisting interrogation. This last one is basically a rehash of the IRA’s Green Book.

MPs who are genuinely worried about the ‘far-right’ terror threat should start by investigating why formal complaints to the police about plots to incite violence with the cartoon provocations, and about the continued presence of the terror training manuals by ‘El Ingles’ on Gates of Vienna, have all been repeatedly ignored over a number of years.

In a situation as tense and dangerous as that produced in Britain and western Europe by decades of liberal immigration policies, the authorities do have to tread a fine line between weakness and heavy-handedness when dealing with immigrant populations. But allowing well-funded foreign agitators to destabilise what little ‘community cohesion’ we have left is not ‘freedom of speech’, it’s suicidal stupidity.

It would be neither legitimate nor helpful to arrest young Muslims for reading Salafist texts online, or to baton charge or arrest their non-Muslim counterparts for singing “Keep Saint George in my heart, keep me English”. But it is both legitimate and necessary to stop money from Riyadh or Brooklyn pouring in to fund the spread of the Salafist ideas which are the precursor to terrorism, and Mohammad cartoon provocations.

Those who are serious about dealing with the threat of terror, rather than simply exploiting the death of a young mother to advance their own political agendas, could usefully start their investigation into the ‘counter-jihad’ problem by reading my online study ‘What Lies Behind the English Defence League?

It is certainly well past time for the political elite to stop turning blind eyes to this intense and relentless Zionist campaign to dehumanise all Muslims. Because, coupled with endless headlines about the utterly repellent activities of Wahhabi Jihadists, it is creating a level of thinly suppressed, bubble and widespread hatred without precedent in mainland Britain in modern times. I am not talking here about the opinions and attitudes simply of sink estates and ‘extremist’ groups; over the last few years an intense, unreasoning and implacable hatred has spread quietly through vast swathes of the UK population, including among ‘respectable’ sections of society.

Herein lies perhaps the biggest danger: That the emergence of a counter-jihad ‘resistance movement’, as advocated by Gates of Vienna and others from the same stable, would actually be welcomed by millions of ‘ordinary’ people. The existence of significant middle class sympathy for working class anti-Muslim violence will make the latter far more effective and long-running. Indeed, with the added problem of Jihadi terrorists aiming to provoke and exploit communal violence in order to emerge as the ‘protectors’ of Muslim areas, the whole situation is so unstable that a wise government and ruling elite would move to try to defuse things in what little time they have left before it all goes spectacularly wrong.

The One Real Answer

The first steps outlined above might buy a little time before the pressure cooker explodes, but they are insignificant compared with the one, and only, thing that could possibly remove the lid before it’s too late:

Pure Proportional Representation for England, without artificial barriers to representation. Combined with a root-and-branch reform of the UK electoral process to eliminate the current levels of fraud which, as a judge in a Birmingham postal vote fraud case pointed out, “would disgrace a banana republic”.

The reform needs to go beyond the mere mechanics and to set about creating truly fair elections in which all parties enjoy a level playing field, including access to the media, the right of reply, and guarantees of freedom of speech and assembly, together with legal measures to stamp out the use of violence, intimidation and discrimination against political opponents. The reversal of the centralisation of power, to restore real power to local councils would help as well, but that’s a rather different story.

Mr Cameron could set an example by finally responding to the challenge I issued after the police-facilitated attack by a Marxist mob throwing bricks, bottles and darts against the BNP press conference in College Green back in 2009. For the Prime Minister to have continued for seven years to allow his name to appear as a Founder Sponsor of the organisers and perpetrators of that violence – and subsequent attacks on Nigel Farage and his family – makes his recent demands to ‘drive out’  hatred and violence from British politics an exercise in rank hypocrisy.

If the political elite really want to try to take the threat of violence and terrorism out of mainland British politics, then they should stop searching for ways to exclude ‘extremists’ from society, from social media and from contesting elections, and work instead to find ways to include them in the democratic process and in the responsibilities of government.

It took the British state thirty bloody years to learn this lesson in Northern Ireland. What is wrong with these people that they seem hell-bent on making the same mistakes in West Yorkshire and the rest of the mainland?

While this essay focuses mainly on the folly of the elite’s undemocratic response to ‘far-right extremism’, it is worth noting in passing that the exclusion of the ‘far-left’ from government by first-past-the-post has dangers of its own. Particularly when Scotland becomes independent (as now appears inevitable) the reality of politics in England and Wales will be that old-style Labour socialism will be permanently shut out of government.

No-one who has experienced the ferocity and hatred that exists on the far-left and among hard-core animal rights and climate change protesters can be under any illusion that these people have the capacity to return to the Angry Brigades route, and leaving them without a stake in the democratic process can only increase this danger.

Electoral representation = social stability

Returning to the ‘far-right’, there is no point the political and media elite pretending or wishing that a large number of working class voters, and a significant number of middle class ones too, don’t have ‘racist’ views. There’s no point denying this, it’s how millions of people really FEEL. Even if they’re wrong you’ll not change their minds, and publicly crushing the few who try to make a political point of it will only reinforce the feeling among the rest.  It is a mistake that the authorities in Germany and in Brussels appear to be making alongside their British counterparts.

It would be far more sensible and conducive to social stability to accept that democracy inevitably means seeing electoral representation for views one abhors, by individuals one loathes. Better to allow those who feel they have been reduced to second class status in their own land to elect people who articulate such feelings.

Then, having allowed democracy to do what it does, let those elected on this ticket and their supporters have a fair share of the ‘diversity’ pot to put it right. A few sponsored and properly publicised St George’s Day parades, and TV documentaries and school curriculum lessons about the value and status of the indigenous Brits (the English in particular), would go a long way to easing the anger and alienation.

As would doing something positive to rectify the woeful educational record of white working class boys and acceptance of the fact that anti—white racism, ranging from discrimination to racist violence and grooming, is a real problem that needs taking seriously. A little bit of political representation by people who are willing to campaign on these issues would send a powerful message that ballots still work and that bullets are therefore both unjustified and unnecessary.

The consequences of taking away the hope of democratically achieved reforms that was so clearly shown in Northern Ireland have already been seen in action in the mainland’s ‘far-right’. The short career of Britain’s most notorious racist killer, far from being a warning about the danger of allowing far-right activism, is in fact an object lesson in what can happen when angry people conclude that there is no democratic road.

David Copeland, the London Nail Bomber, was – before my time in the party – a member of the BNP. Once he was captured and convicted, extensive use was made of a photograph of the future mass killer standing at the right shoulder of then-BNP leader John Tyndall during an activity in East London. According to the far-left and to the Westminster parties, this proved that Copeland’s wicked actions stemmed from him being “radicalised by BNP propaganda”.

The argument is superficially logical, but in fact deeply flawed. Because, while Copeland was politically active with the British National Party, attending meetings and delivering leaflets in support of its election-oriented ‘Rights for Whites’ campaign in Tower Hamlets, he was entirely harmless. Other members recalled him as quiet and thoughtful, and pleased to be involved in work that could help get the concerns of a besieged community addressed.

The guilt of the Left

So what changed him from democratic political activist to terrorist? Not ‘BNP propaganda’, which was focused on trying to get people to vote, but his experience on the day that infamous photograph was taken. John Tyndall and his wife, on their way to a perfectly normal, legal political meeting, were attacked by a hit squad of far-left thugs who had been mobilised with the explicit intention of “smashing the fascists off the streets”.

The police, as usual, were nowhere to be seen while the cowardly beating of the elderly couple took place, only turning up to take statements (and do nothing to bring the perpetrators to justice) once it was all over. The Daily Mirror published the photo, showing Tyndall covered in his own blood, scarcely bothering to conceal its enthusiasm for the violence.

Copeland, shaken by the attack, never attended another BNP event. Instead he briefly joined the miniscule National Socialist Movement, the so-called ‘political wing’ of Combat 18. This neo-Nazi street gang had been set up by a self-confessed police informer and which spent most of its energy criticising and physically attacking the BNP.

So who was responsible for Copeland turning from leaflets to nail-bombs? Not the BNP. Not John Tyndall. Not even the NSM. But, yes, the ‘anti-fascists’ who thought it acceptable and wise to use brutal physical force to deny their ‘far-right’ political opponents their democratic right to organise, campaign and contest elections.

Denying people their democratic rights – whether by state power or by the violence of unofficially tolerated private militias – produces terrorism. It’s what happened in Northern Ireland. It’s what happened with David Copeland. So why would the clampdown, which will be one of the first actions of the Westminster elite once they stop scratching each others’ eyes out, achieve anything different?

Before the referendum shock provided more compelling news, the Internet was buzzing with conspiracy theories about the murder of Jo Cox. These could be based on fact, but are probably totally unfounded. But as a portent for the future, it makes no difference.  Whether people with views like Mair decide to act alone, or whether they are manipulated by intelligence agencies to create ‘false flag’ attacks, they couldn’t be if they didn’t exist. But they are created by what the liberal elite have done, and continue to do, to Britain.

When  New Labour set out to “rub the Right’s nose in diversity”, as Andrew Neather described the process of opening Britain to a tidal wave of immigration, the primary intention was apparently to gerrymander future elections by changing the demographics of the electorate. The fact that it would leave millions of ordinary citizens resentful, frightened or angry may not have occurred to Blair and Co, but that’s what the policy did.

In the same way those who design all those multi-racial harmony adverts, awash with half-caste children and happily mixed families, probably think they’re doing a good job conditioning the next generation to regard the ethnic transition of Britain into something like Brazil as ‘normal’ and inevitable. No doubt some people do take it that way.

But the same inverted ‘master race’ propaganda also drives many other people to a mixture of despair and rage. You may be one of those people, or you may believe that the “Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan” is a figment of their imagination and despise them as ignorant bigots. But your opinion is irrelevant, they exist. And the massive demographic shift now just beginning in Britain and the West in general will create a lot more of them before they’re all too old to do something violent about it if a way to channel their fears into something constructive is not permitted.

Islam – the deepest fault-line

Nor is the ‘problem’ of ‘far-right extremism’ confined to the older generation. Several decades of relentless propaganda about integration and tolerance may well have changed many younger peoples’ attitudes on race and sexuality, but they have failed completely to prevent the emergence of a new community fault line – Islam.

As already noted above, this is partly because of tabloid sensationalism and partly the result of a brilliantly wicked campaign by an interlocking network of ‘counter-jihad’ social media sites. But newspapers make money largely by telling their readers what they want to hear, by reinforcing what they already believe. And online propaganda campaigns fall on deaf ears unless their message chimes with reality. Hence, while ‘Islamophobia’ is partly concocted, it is in the end the result of the real life experiences of millions of ordinary people with the reality of living alongside Muslim populations which are increasingly at odds with the society around them, increasingly radicalised and inward-looking.

This is partly on account of the natural reaction of an essentially conservative religion and community to the ‘anything goes’ liberalism of the West. It is partly the consequence of destructive and unjust western foreign policies. And it is also the result of the failure of governments to prevent the Wahhabi evangelism already noted.

These trends have fed into lawless, racist aggression among growing numbers of young Muslim men, for whom the punk Jihad of semi-Islamised criminal gangs has a dangerous appeal. This reinforces their communities’ largely self-imposed isolation by their widespread involvement in crime, drug-dealing, and the targeting of the youngsters of their non-Muslim neighbours for sexual grooming and racist violence.

On the other side of the fence, no-one under the age of 30 can remember a time when radical Muslims weren’t in the news hating and killing ‘kuffars’ all over the world. The unquenchable suspicion and outright hatred that this has produced is only reinforced by the growth rate of new Muslim families. This is a factor which is only just beginning to kick in as their young adult population enters a demographic growth spurt.

The sight of houses and streets vacated by elderly Brits being taken over by young Muslims will create a whole new set of tensions. And, then there’s ISIS and the fact that, sooner or later, “the bombers will always get through”.

If the political elite were to heed this warning and take the radical steps outlined above, then the reinvolvement of millions of alienated Brits in the democratic process might help prevent the cycle of tit-for-tat communal violence which is otherwise sadly inevitable. Effective immigration controls and truly ‘colour-blind policing’ that understands that ‘racism cuts both ways’ would also help in various ways.

That is what should be done. Not just in Britain, either, for pretty much the same situation pertains across most of Western Europe.

Nothing is going to bring back the stable, cosy, liberal past.  If the elite did the right thing, then there would at least be a possibility that their mass migration project could end in the creation of something like Syria before the neo-cons and Wahhabis tore it apart. Most of history says it can’t be done, but the experience of secular Syria shows that different ethnic and religious groups can live side-by-side without perpetual civil war.

One prerequisite for peaceful co-existence is, however, a demographic balance between different communities, so that all concerned feel secure about their children’s future.

But with the indigenous population of most of Europe at present on course to fall by 80 – 90% by the end of the century, and with the differential birthrates of several major migrant communities, it is very hard to see any circumstances that could produce such stability.

So, with Merkel’s migrant flood compounding the damage, Western Europe unfortunately seems far more likely to go down the highway to hell predicted by UK naval intelligence Rear Admiral Chris Parry (left) in 2006, when he warned that “the combination of mass immigration and Islam in particular” is set to produce in Europe a civilisational disaster “on a par with the collapse of the Roman Empire.”

A phrase which, consciously or not, echoes the warning by Enoch Powell in 1968: “Like the Roman, I seem to see ‘the River Tiber foaming with much blood’.”



This article first appeared on the website of the Alliance for Peace and Freedom. Its author, Nick Griffin, was BNP Member of the European Parliament between 2009 – 2014. While he is often criticised and demonised, we believe that this important warning about the rising danger of political violence deserves a wider audience.

For those who may have formed their opinion of Mr Griffin from the extremely biased and hostile coverage of the mainstream media, here’s a sample of him speaking in the European Parliament.


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