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Brexit Betrayal “on the way under May”. Top lawyer ally floats ‘second referendum’ plot


The prospect of a second referendum on the EU has been raised by a leading supporter of Theresa May. More sinister still, Mrs May has said not one word in rebuttal. You can see the Brexit Betrayal coming a mile off if she wins!

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Former Attorney General Dominic Grieve – also a leading Remain advocate – said: ‘It’s possible that people may change their mind about this and I have to say I don’t take the view that referendums are writ in stone.’

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The comments by Conservative MP Mr Grieve illustrate hows Mrs May will face pressure from her allies to backtrack on the Brexit decision (which, of course, she opposes anyway) if she becomes Prime Minister.

Mr Grieve told the BBC that ‘as a parliamentarian and a democrat, I have to accept the verdict of the referendum’ and that a Tory Government was under an obligation to ‘try to give effect’ to it.

Note that weasel word ‘try’. And remember that, before he’s a ‘democrat’, he’s a lawyer.

Asked if people could get a chance to vote on the UK’s future deal on quitting the EU, Grieve said: ‘People can change their minds and if there came a point where it became apparent that a very substantial percentage of the population had a different view, then just as we had a referendum (on the Common Market) in 1975 and we had a referendum today, it is possible to change that.’

Pro-Brexit Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg said: ‘Many of Theresa May’s supporters do not accept the result of the referendum and are committed Europhiles.’

He added: ‘This is really worrying. The 1975 referendum which decided Britain should remain in the Common Market stood for 41 years so the result of the recent referendum should also stand for decades – not months.

‘Anybody who believes in democracy must accept the result and implement it effectively. Dominic Grieve is a senior member of Mrs May’s leadership team and has always been clear he does not think we should leave the EU.

‘It would be totally unacceptable if Europhiles who resent the Leave result on June 23 seek to undermine the democratic will of the British people. People will be suspicious of what might happen in the event of Mrs May winning the keys to Number 10.’

That’s putting it very politely indeed. Let’s face it, we all know the simple truth: If May wins the Tory leadership, we will be cheated and will lose the freedom a clear majority just voted for. If Leadsom wins, Brexit will go ahead.

That’s why the entire Establishment is ganging up to try to smear and bully Andrea Leadsom out of the race for Number 10.


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