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EU DOMINOES: Now Hungary calls EU referendum


Hungary is set to hold a referendum on the European Union’s mandatory migrant quotas.

In the wake of the UK’s Brexit vote, the Hungarian President, Janos Ader, has ordered a nationwide referendum on October 2.

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The Hungarian people will be asked whether they want to accept any future European Union quota system for resettling migrants.

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hungary fenceThe question will be: “Do you want the European Union to be entitled to prescribe the mandatory settlement of non-Hungarian citizens in Hungary without the consent of parliament?”

The Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has fiercely opposed the EU’s plans to relocate 160,000 migrants around the bloc by using mandatory quotas, but the scheme was approved by a majority of members.

Mr Orban has said that the vote will give people a chance to stand up for Hungary’s sovereignty.

The Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Peter Sziijarto, said in a radio interview that Brussels must be stopped.

He said: “Brussels must be stopped, we must put an end to the violent immigration policy that is contrary to the will of the European people.

“One of the biggest problems of the European Union is that the European political elite is pursuing a policy which completely disregards the opinion of the European people and often goes against their will.”

Mr Szijjarto believes that the EU’s flawed immigration policy is now even jeopardising the unity of the EU.

He said: “The best method to regain the strength of the continent is to pursue a policy that takes the people’s will into consideration. 

“In Hungary, too, a referendum will be held regarding the mandatory settlement quotas because this is an issue of great importance on which the people have to state their opinions.”

He said that Europeans have a right to decide themselves on issues which determine the future of Europe.

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