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Knights Templar International at The Somme Battlefield


100 years has passed since the cream of an entire generation were sacrificed in the mud and gore of the Somme. The scale of the carnage can barely be comprehended by us today but it did happen and ALL our Nations are far the worse for the loss of so many of our finest men. KTI sent several delegations drawn from many Nationalities to travel to France and Belgium to pay our deepest respect to ALL of the fallen.

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We payed homage at the big famous sites like Thiepval and the Ulster Tower as well as attending the Last post at the Menin Gate. However, we also visited and laid wreaths at many now forgotten small military cemeteries including the German ones. We had Knights at the South African, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand Shrines as this Order is drawn from many Countries and we wanted to show our deep and heartfelt sympathy and pride in our forefathers sacrifices. We have many hard and experienced fighters in our ranks but every Knight who attended reported the deep and profound effect that visiting the war graves had on them. Just as our Grand fathers were willing to sacrifice their lives for faith, Nation and family, so we today renew our Holy vows to give our lives in the cause of righteousness, justice, honour and faith. After what we saw at the Somme, to do any less would be a betrayal of all those who died for us. The Knights Templar Order was, is and shall remain at the cutting edge of Christian resistance to all and any that threaten our people, Nations and Faith. Are YOU with us?

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