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KTI sponsors young videographer to attend alternative media seminar


Films and moving images are becoming more and more important in the fast-evolving technology of political persuasion. The plummeting costs of cameras and editing equipment has created opportunities for ‘alternative’ operations to do things which until recently were open only to the established big players.

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Many patriotic and Christian groups are already using the new technologies and their potential very well, so it is important to spread these capabilities so that they can be used effectively by even more people on our wavelength.

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So we are pleased to report that the Knights Templar International recently sponsored a very talented young videographer from Hungary to travel to and take part in an in-depth weekend of video training in Berlin.

The event was organised by the foundation Europa Terra Nostra, led by its President Dan Eriksson. Participants were taught essential techniques, methods and skills by a number of course instructors. The weekend included practical exercises in the production of several test films, all themed on aspects of today’s Europe, threats to it and the growing traditionalist resistance.


Dan Eriksson described the aims of the workshop:  “If young people with critical minds want to be involved in shaping the future of their continent Europe, they have to learn to use modern methods and techniques to effectively take part in public discourses concerning their affairs. Starting from that point we have taken an important step towards fulfilling our duty towards the political culture of Europe this weekend.”


The seminar was mainly led by Jörg Hähnel, who has many years of experience in this subject area and is responsible for the technical implementation of the very successful DS-TV media project. Jörg is very knowledgeable about what aspects of vital importance in matters such creating the plot and a story board, finding the location, lightning and other practical matters and how to bring all these skills together to create effective and appealing films. The whole process of film-making was thus covered, from conception of the initial idea through planning to filming, editing and uploading.


Chief-Instructor Jörg Hähnel stated as a summary of the workshop: “In an information society it´s important for democracy that, within the process of opinion-forming, all groups are able to face each other on a level playing field, in order to avoid lopsidedness and hence the danger of manipulation.

“Looking at this workshop from this perspective I think we have made a useful contribution to encouraging and sustaining effective diversity of opinion in European politics. In this sense it is desirable that political messages dissenting from the ‘mainstream’ can be viewed by a steadily widening audience. The more the European Establishment is challenged by numerous alternative TV-media projects the better will be the results of decision making. I´m quite sure about this!”

The KTI is delighted to see young people getting involved in very practical efforts to help counter the old media dominance of the liberal elite. Being in a position to provide practical help such as sponsorship for our young Hungary friend is one of the benefits of building a strong and vibrant Templar organisation, so thanks to those who have already joined us, and we look forward to welcoming more of you. because, together, we’re already making a difference!

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