Home radical Islam Man found bound with cable ties and strangled in a bath tub

Man found bound with cable ties and strangled in a bath tub


A 30-year-old Serbian man, living in Austria, was working as a janitor when he befriended two 19-year olds. They invited him to come to their house, and he accepted. He did not know these Muslims were already preparing to rob him, and had even assembled a “death kit” to execute their crime.

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When he got there, the teens beat him savagely, tied him up, robbed him of his money, and then strangled him to death in the bathtub. But if that was not bad enough, they then stripped the dead man of his clothes before trying to cover up his body with water and soap suds and put his clothes on themselves.

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It appears that they made the invitation with the intention of committing the crime, as they had already bought a ‘death kit’ of disposable gloves and tape at a nearby gas station, according to local media.

When they were questioned by police about their crimes, both men openly admitted to them and were defiant. In fact, they even argued with the police, saying that ‘at least they washed the clothes’.

Both of the men have confessed to the crime, according to the police who said that when the Syrian was asked why he was wearing the clothes of his victim, he reportedly said: “I don’t see why I should not, I washed them before I put them on.”

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