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Video: Muslim taxi driver refuses to take disabled passenger with his guide dog ‘because it’s against his religion’


This is the moment a Muslim taxi driver refused to transport a disabled man with his guide dog after claiming it is ‘against his religion’.

Footage below shows Charles Bloch, with his guide dog Carlo and girlfriend Jessica Graham, trying to get in the taxi before being told by the driver that he will ‘not take the dog’ because of his religion.

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Mr Bloch, who is registered blind after being born visually impaired, had booked the cab using firm ADT Taxis in Leicester but was shocked to be told the driver would not take him upon collection.

His partner, 21, who was also born with a visual impairment and is registered blind, filmed the encounter on her phone and posted the footage – which now been viewed by millions – online.

The footage ends with the taxi driving off and Mr Bloch shouting after the driver: ‘If you drive away I’ll sue you’. The driver shouts back out of the window: ‘Yeah, I’m ready to talk to the police.’

The video has since been shared on Facebook and YouTube more than a million times.

Many have been quick to point out that the Disability Discrimination Act makes it illegal for minicab drivers to refuse to carry guide dogs for blind passengers.

Susan Symon said: ‘Totally shameful! Disgusting behaviour leaving a vulnerable person without adequate transport, discrimination such as this needs to not exist.’

Of course, the REAL scandal here is that, while the company are no longer using him, Labour-run Leicester council will take no action against this extremist crank.

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