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Video: Bulgarian ‘vigilantes’ protecting the frontier of Christendom


First it was our good friends in Hungary, but now it’s Bulgarian patriots who are risking their own safety to protect their borders – and indeed the whole of Europe – from infiltrating ‘refugees’ and terrorists.

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ISIS has put a $50,000 bounty on the head of a self-styled ‘migrant hunter’ who organises gangs of vigilantes to patrol and hunt down illegal asylum seekers in Bulgaria.

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Dinko Valev (above), 29, uses two armoured vehicles to patrol territory near the city of Yambol, close to the border with Turkey.

But now it has been revealed that the Bulgarian State Agency for National Security have warned him he is being targeted by the terrorists.

The agent said he was on a list of names for which ISIS was offering a bounty with payment being made once a video or picture confirming the deed had been provided.

The information about the ISIS offer was found on several Islamist websites which are reportedly funded by terrorist organisations.

Valev was described as the ‘leader of a paramilitary unit operating on the Bulgarian-Turkish border along with a dozen other men’.

It is thought ISIS targeted Valev because it was keen to be seen as a champion of migrants from the Middle East, especially Muslims, and is hoping to recruit some refugees for terrorist operations in Europe.

But Valev appears undeterred by the threat, and even posted a media report about it on his website.

Earlier this year Valev said he regarded every illegal migrant as a jihadist and dismissed claims he was terrorising his captives.

The ISIS threat mirrors that made against a lady Hungarian TV journalist who was widely demonised in the liberal media for having allegedly tripped up a known Syrian terrorist as he was trying to escape from a Hungarian border guard. She too was warned of a $50,000 ISIS bounty. After some time in hiding, she and her family were relocated to a safe new country by the Knights Templar International (Thanks again, from them, by the way, to all of you who contributed to our appeal. Job done!)

Dinko and his comrades aren’t the only Bulgarians standing up either, as the video below from another border patrol organiser.

“These are not refugees. This is an invasion, because it is organised – it is not natural”, he says. Absolutely! Thank God for men like these!

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