Home liberalism Video: Dallas shootings – who’s pushing America towards Race War?

Video: Dallas shootings – who’s pushing America towards Race War?


Five police officers murdered. Six more injured by gunfire. A rush by frightened citizens to buy guns. Deepening divisions between white and black Americans. “Congratulations, George Soros and the liberal media!”

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There IS very clearly a real problem with police brutality and a trigger-happy minority of cops in the USA. But it’s not a race problem. Far more white people are gunned down for no good reason by rogue police officers, but the lying MSM hardly ever even mention it. Black civilians get shot by black and Chinese officers, but the Lying Press and the SJWs say nothing.

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The false narrative that police violence is motivate by anti-black racism has been deliberately created and spread by the liberal media, and channelled by operations such as #BlackLivesMatter and the Ferguson protests – all of which without exception have been and continue to be funded by Billionaire agitator George Soros through the agitation network funded by his Open Society Foundation.

With the sheer number of shootings by out-of-control (and now often very scared) cops, and with the brutally dishonest liberal and leftist presentation of these tragedies as a sort of racist war on black people, it’s actually no surprise that many black people are genuinely outraged and angry. The fact that many white Americans are so brainwashed, passive and cowardly that they don’t feel the same way about the murder of their own kinfolk is no reflection on black Americans.

But the cynical manipulation of black concern and anger by the left-liberal elite is something that cannot be justified or forgiven by any decent person. It’s not just that, this morning, five more families will be shattered by the loss of loved ones gunned down while protecting people who hated them. It’s the fact that America is perilously close to  what can only be described as ‘race war’.

It’s madness, and the drive to stop it has to involve not just getting a grip on badly-trained, cowardly, trigger-happy cops, but also on the highly-trained, cowardly, lie-happy agitators who exploit their individual evil in an effort to provoke collective insanity.


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