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Video: ISIS massacres and Ramadan – why they do it


The call came in late May, just weeks before Ramadan began: ISIS told supporters to make the Holy period ‘with God’s permission, a month of pain for infidels everywhere’.

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That call has turned the month into a bloodbath which has spread from Florida to the Philippines, leaving more than 800 dead (and counting) at the hands of Islamic State‘s supporters across the globe.

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Extremists have killed people as they sat with friends in a cafe in Bangladesh, executed Syrian families for trying to flee their clutches and stabbed a senior policeman and his wife to death in France.

In the first four weeks, almost 30 people a day died at the hands of an ISIS extremist – including many children, and the vast majority fellow, peaceful Muslims who do not agree with the group’s twisted mentality.

In the last four weeks, hundreds of people have lost their lives at the hands of ISIS extremists - from Orlando, in Florida, to the Philippines and Bangladesh - and that is only the ones which have been reported

According to the New York Times, ISIS’ spokesman told followers to ‘make it, with God’s permission, a month of pain for infidels everywhere’ at the end of May.

Fawaz A. Gerges, of the London School of Economics, told the paper: ‘There is no doubt in my mind that Al-Qaeda, its various affiliates and now ISIS use Ramadan as a watershed, as a marker to inspire and motivate their followers and supporters worldwide.’

On the first day of Ramadan, it was reported the terrorists executed 65 people – among them university students – at dawn in Mosul, Iraq.

And the killing continued, spreading from the Middle East throughout the world.

It reached America on June 12, when 49 clubbers lost their lives after Omar Mateen opened fire in Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, which had been packed with friends enjoying their Saturday night.

The next day, policeman Jean-Baptiste Salvaing and his wife Jessica Schneider were killed in another ‘lone wolf’ attack, just outside Paris.

Then three suicide bombers stormed Ataturk Airport in Istanbul, shooting at anyone who got in their way, before blowing themselves up.

So far, 44 people have died, with 17 more fighting for their lives in intensive care.

Three days later, a gang of militants pledging allegiance to ISIS burst into a cafe in Dhaka, Bangladesh. According to reports, they killed anyone who could not recite the Koran – including a pregnant woman.

Maajid Nawaz from the Quilliam Foundation isn’t our most favourite Muslim, but here he does a pretty good job explaining why Daesh are so bloodthirsty at Ramadan. He even slams the PC liberals and their ridiculous “nothing to do with Islam” lie. Just a pity he didn’t take the opportunity to explain how the “ISIS interpretation of Islam” is spreading not by magic or chance, but thanks to vast mounts of Saudi Arabian money.


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