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Video: Janice Fiamengo – How Academic Feminism Wrecks Women


Feminism is part of a systematic, deliberate assault on European civilisation and Christianity. If you don’t know how it works, you can’t help fight it, so the work of Janice Fiamengo is invaluable.

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Fiamengo is a Professor of English at the University of Ottawa in Ontario, Canada. Recently she has begun to speak out on men’s issues, having become appalled by the bigotry, hypocrisy, and dangerous magical thinking of the modern feminist movement. She is the author of The Fiamengo File, a series of YouTube videos on academic feminism, the situation of men in modern culture, and free speech. She has published numerous essays on feminism and cultural decline at PJ Media and FrontPage Magazine.

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Janice appeared on this RedIce Radio show to deconstruct how academic feminism is contributing to the ongoing destruction of Western society. She begins by illustrating the climate on college campuses, where the myth of oppressed and marginalized women, vulnerable in a patriarchal world, yet morally superior to men, somehow deserve special protection and privileges to level the playing field.

Janice describes the anti-male, anti-nature Marxist narrative permeating women’s and gender studies, which attributes all cultural ills to the evils of masculinity while denying any significant biological basis to gender differences. She gives examples of radical feminist members of Canada’s Revolutionary Student Movement hijacking discussions attempting to address men’s issues, the transformation of female consciousness stemming from misleading data about the West’s supposed rape culture, and other studies that pin men as the sole source of society’s iniquities.

She looks look at why feminists refuse to align with the victims of Muslim supremacy and how the hierarchy of victimhood excuses the barbaric treatment of Muslim women by pointing the finger of blame at White Western males. Janice relates how the victim mentality oozing out of leftist led university classrooms ties to the introduction of various identity studies in the ‘70s, and she talks more about her personal lambasting for daring to speak critically of feminism’s role in the disempowerment of White Western males.

The programme finishes by touching on the controlled media’s demonization of Western values and multicultural utopia propaganda, along with what can be done to defeat the mental virus of feminism to restore humanity’s natural order.

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