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Video: Police deal with Islamist menace – by persecuting those who speak about it!


While politicians all over Europe promise to “get tough” on the Islamist hatred that slaughtered so many innocents in Nice, the reality is very different. The Establishment response to the Islamist threat is depressingly similar – everywhere, the Powers that Be seem more ready to clamp down on those who warn of the danger, rather than dealing with the problem itself.

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In Germany and France, so-called ‘anti-terror’ laws are used far more often against patriots and Christians than they are against Muslim extremists. And, as this video shows, the same is true in Britain.

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The KTI have NO connection with Britain First or any other political party, but we believe that people have a right to know what’s going on. The best word to describe it, of course, “appeasement”.

The idea is clearly to try to win over Muslims by showing that no-one is allowed to criticise immigration or Islamisation. In reality, the ‘hardliners’ will just see it as further evidence that they are winning, and that the authorities are so scared of them that they are willing to take away the freedoms and rights of our own people, in a cowardly attempt to have peace.

Well, guess what, those who try to trade freedom for peace get neither! 

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