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Video: Remain Plotters. Do they WANT a Civil War? With luck they’d just get a Tax Revolt


In 1642, King Charles I’s determination to defy the will of the majority of the House of Commons sparked the first English Civil War. By the time it was over, with the execution of the would-be dictator king, 10% of the population had died. Today, seemingly oblivious of the threat of the chaos that would result, out-of-touch Remain MPs are plotting to defy the will of the majority of the people.

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Taking comfort from the rapid growth of a petition (promoted by a network of civil society ‘volunteers’ in fact funded by George Soros) calling for a second referendum, a rising number of Remain MPs and journalists are plotting to hold up Brexit until the attacks on the British economy by pro-Remain financiers and global corporations forces enough people to change their minds to stop it all together.

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The hopes of some Europhiles have been raised by the fact that Mr Cameron has not triggered so-called article 50.

This is the formal mechanism which a country must use to give Brussels two years’ notice of its intention to quit the EU.

During the bruising referendum campaign, the PM said he would invoke article 50 immediately in the event of a Brexit vote, but has failed to do so.

At a special Cabinet meeting today, there will be ‘initial discussions about the administrative process needed to move forward’. But No 10 insiders said ‘decisions around Article 50 are a decision for the next PM’.


Labour MP David Lammy called on Parliament to ‘stop this madness’ and to vote against the decision to leave the EU. In a statement on his Twitter feed, the former minister said: ‘Wake up. We do not have to do this.

Tory grandee and arch Europhile Lord Heseltine said he is ‘appalled’ by the result of the referendum with voters ‘sold a fool’s promise’.

He also suggested there will need to be a general election in order for Parliament to sign off on Brexit. ‘Every indication is that there is a 350 majority in the House of Commons in favour of remaining in Europe,’ he said.

‘The only realistic prospect of persuading the House of Commons to pass amending legislation would be after a general election or another referendum.

‘That is why the fight back begins today.’

“The fight back” against what, precisely? Yes, that’s right – against the democratically expressed wish of the majority of British voters.


To that end, Heseltine called for a cross-party group of MPs to look at the options and “articulate the case for Britain rethinking the result of the referendum”.

Earlier, Tony Blair said nothing should be ruled out. “As I’m looking at it here, I can’t see how we can do that. But, you know, the point is, why rule anything out right now?”

So having been hammered at the polls for being out-of-touch and arrogant, sections of the political and media elite are shaping up to compound the problem by riding roughshod over the democratic result and ignoring the crystal clear instruction of the people: “Leave!”

Such folly would create a constitutional, political and social crisis besides which Brexit itself would look like an argument over the Presidency of a local golf club. It is no exaggeration to say that it would mirror the crisis which provoked the English Civil War, except that this time it would be the majority of Parliament that was taking on the role of dictator with some kind of ‘Divine Right’ fantasy.

Such arrogance didn’t end at all well last time and it wouldn’t do this time either. If they were lucky, the people would respond with civil disobedience, a tax strike and an even bigger political revolution against the liberal elite at the next general election. That way the likes of Lammy and Heseltine would only lose their seats


Bonus Footage: Re-enactment of the first English Civil War. 370 years later, we can treat the King’s folly as the basis for a hobby that raises money for charity, but back then the result was truly ghastly. No fake blood back then.

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