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Video: Sharia Law for London?


The new Muslim Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has decided to ban “sexy” images of women in advertisements on public transport in London.

The ads in question are for Protein World, a company that sells nutritional supplements for pre and post workout routines. Their ads feature a very fit woman wearing a bikini, on a yellow background, with the words “Are You Beach Body Ready” close by and/or around her body. A petition to remove the ads on change.org was started and received over 17,000 signatures. Sadiq Khan capitulated to their wishes and removed the ads, stating that he has two young daughters and that he does not want them to be “pressured” as it relates to their body while on public transport.

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So he says. There is another side to this story that breaks away from what the general public is told. It’s a different story than what London’s new Mayor would want the average non-Muslim, or “kaffir,” to believe.

Dating back as early as 2011, there have been documented cases of advertisements featuring women wearing bikinis being defaced in London. Defaced in a very specific way. Their upper body, torso, face, and much of their lower portions are blacked out with some type of marker, paint, or spray paint. The color used to black the images out in this specific way is always black, which is the typical color of the burka, niqab, or hijab that Muslim women use to cover themselves.

The vandals of these images are sending a clear message – they don’t want to see images of women that are not covered up properly as is required in Muslim culture.

The whole thing here is just part of a greater plan. Many people said that when Sadiq Khan was elected as Mayor, that there would be no capitulation to Muslims. But this does not appear to be the case.

The first step would be to ban “sexy images” of women, the next step would be to ban women in general that do not have on a burka or some type of proper covering in no-go zones or “safe spaces.”

Seems like a radical idea to many, but sooner than later, it will happen, as long as the Islamisation of London, and the UK in general, is allowed to persist.

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