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Video: Sharia Law, Sadiq Khan, and the UK


Sadiq Khan said in 2004 that he believed parts of Shariah law were appropriate for UK law. But is this so, and has anyone investigated whether Shariah is relevant for UK law?

Jay and Hatun decided to find out. So they used three areas of authority; the Qur’an (Islam’s primary authority), the Hadith (Islam’s second criteria for authority) and two schools of Islamic law (the Maliki and Hanafi schools of Fish), comparing them to UK law.

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All they had to do was quote from all three authorities and ask the large crowd gathered there to give their opinion of what they were hearing…and they certainly gave it!

Watch the Muslims in particular as they tried constantly to interrupt and yell over Jay and Hatun. But it didn’t work, as the two of them simply referred to quote after quote from the three sources, and asked a barrister standing on their left whether any of the quotes would be relevant to UK law, and in every case he answered in the negative.

It is clear from this video that Shariah law (according to the original sources) is simply not applicable for a modern 21st century Judeo-Christian modelled country, as the UK is.


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