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Video: Swedes consider ‘women only’ zones at music festivals after mass sex attacks


Following waves of sex attacks on young girls attending rock concerts in Sweden, Gothenburg Culture Festival is considering introducing a special area in front of the scene where only women are allowed.

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Abuse of female festival goers has received considerable attention recently, particularly after several rapes during Bråvalla festival and a large number of reports of sexual molestation in connection with Putte i Parken in Karlstad.

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“No one should feel unsafe”

The Culture Festival in Gothenburg has so far been spared from similar problems, says business leader Tasso Stafilidis. But for this year’s edition, in mid-August, the festival has nevertheless, as a last resort, developed a program which includes safe zones in front of the stage.

We must be prepared to actively do something about it. It is for that reason that we are considering these zones.

“Securing the space”

In the first place, he hopes, however, that other measures, like tailor-made training for both the volunteers and security personnel, should suffice. “But if something still happens, then of course those other actions are not enough. Then maybe we have to offer voluntary, safe spaces in front of the largest scenes.”

Alternatively, they could just try turning the festivals into “Swedes Only zones!”


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