Home radical Islam Watch moment a man is nearly murdered for SMOKING during Ramadan

Watch moment a man is nearly murdered for SMOKING during Ramadan


An innocent passer-by is punched to the ground by a fundamentalist Muslim angered by him smoking during Ramadan. The Istanbul victim was so badly injured with bleeding on the brain that he was hospitalised for nine days.

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Yet Turkish police let the attacker go after questioning.

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And why is that story so important?

Because it is thought of as a crime when in fact it is an act of war.

A crime is something an individual does to advantage himself unfairly by exploiting a weakness in the system. And he knows it.

An act of war is intended to destroy the system and replace it with something else that the people don’t want and have no choice in. This attack was directed not just at the actual victim, but against the millions of Turks who value what survives of their country’s secular constitution. It is a warning to us all.

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