Home Breaking News Watch the video that shows Britain’s new Foreign Secretary isn’t another warmonger

Watch the video that shows Britain’s new Foreign Secretary isn’t another warmonger

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, gestures after unveiling an imposing scale replica of Palmyra's Triumphal Arch in Trafalgar Square, in London, Tuesday, April 19, 2016. The triumphal arch destroyed by the Islamic State group in Syria was been recreated in London's Trafalgar Square. The Arch of Triumph in Palmyra formed part of one of the world's most extensive ancient archaeological sites. The 5.5 meter (18-foot) Egyptian marble replica about two-thirds the size of the original, was created by the Institute for Digital Archaeology using 3-D printing technology. (AP Photo/Frank Augstein)

Forget all the other appointments in Theresa May’s new Cabinet, only man thing matters: That she has moved the crazed neo-con hawk Phillip Hammond away from the Foreign Office and replaced him with Boris Johnson.

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Hammond’s neo-con mania is likely to lead to various ideologically-driven idiocies which harm British society and benefit only the super-rich, but at least it’s difficult for a Chancellor to start World War Three.

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Johnson, meanwhile has serial form for expressing foreign policy views which, by Westminster standards, are positively sane.

In 2015, the Guardian reported as follows:

“Britain and its allies should accept that Bashar al-Assad’s forces are best placed to lead a ground assault against Islamic State in Syria because David Cameron’s claims about 70,000 moderate opposition forces are “exaggerated,” Boris Johnson has said.

“The prime minister faced intense pressure in the House of Commons last week after claiming that 70,000 “moderate” fighters in Syria are prepared to join the UK and its allies in attacking Islamic State. Jeremy Corbyn questioned the figure as he spoke of a lack of “credible ground forces”.

“Johnson waded into the row by saying that Britain and its allies, which cannot overthrow Isis without ground forces, cannot be picky about their allies in light of doubts over the 70,000 figure.

London’s mayor wrote in the Daily Telegraph: “We have the estimated 70,000 of the Free Syrian Army (and many other groups and grouplets); but those numbers may be exaggerated, and they may include some jihadists who are not ideologically very different from al-Qaida. Who else is there? The answer is obvious. There is Assad, and his army; and the recent signs are that they are making some progress.”

Then, earlier this year, while he was still Mayor of London, the Guardian reported on Boris Johnson’s views when he unveiled a life-size replica of the great Roman arch at Palmyra, Syria, after ISIS demolished it:

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