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Former Olympian refused abortion to carry beautiful triplet daughters


It was October in 2014. Former Olympian Jaime Halsey and her husband Steve Halsey were proud parents of 2-year-old Florence, who several months previous had asked for a little sister. They were astounded when, at Jaime’s 12 week pregnancy scan, they discovered they were expecting not one but three little girls.

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The ex-Olympian trampoliner (formerly Jaime Moore) and her husband, a retired rugby player, were immediately referred to specialists, who then advised them to abort two of the three babies, in a process called ‘selective-reduction’. For Jaime and Steve abortion was never an option. They chose to keep all three baby girls. In Jaime’s words, ‘Collectively we made the decision we would give the three babies the best opportunity we possibly could to come into the world.’

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That life affirming and courageous decision to give every one of their babies a chance to live has led to wonderful results. All three girls were delivered by caesarean section on 24th of February with only minor complications. On their blog, Jaime and Steve both posted about the triplets’ birth. Jaime recalls: ‘‘I felt so overwhelmed, I had heard each one cry and been able to see them it was just the best feeling ever!!’”

Her husband, who followed their daughters into NICU, said, “With all the girls all set up in the NICU, it was then down to me to get some pictures of them for Jaime (who was still in theatre) and to give the girls their names so the would no longer be referred to as Triplet 1, Triplet 2 and Triplet 3.”

Steve further expressed his love and joy for his wife and girls saying: “This then allowed us to spend a bit of time together in the recovery ward and give me the opportunity to tell and show Jaime how immensely proud of her I am for growing and housing three beautiful little girls to complement our beautiful daughter Florence.”

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