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Hungary to amend constitution to BLOCK EU’s migrant quota plans

The country is among a group of former Communist nations, including the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia, which all oppose the EU quotas imposed on member states in order to tackle the migrant crisis.  Join today

The union’s plans involve the settlement of 160,000 asylum seekers across the continent, 1,294 of which would be moved to Hungary from Italy and Greece.

Fence on the Hungarian border

But PM Orban, who has been a vocal critic of the scheme, said last week he would propose an amendment to Parliament which would come into place on November 8 if approved.
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Speaking to journalists in Parliament, Mr Orban claimed the amendment would reflect the will of the 3.3 million voters who supported the governments opposition to the quotas in a referendum earlier this month.

He said: “There are 3.3 million people in Hungary who decided that they won’t allow anyone else to decide on… the matter of settlement and migrants.”

European Court of Justice

The country is also currently challenging the EU at the European Court of Justice over the policy, although Orban stated the potential constitution amendment would not apply retroactively to the court case.

It’s uncertain whether opposition lawmakers would help pass the amendment, which requires a two-thirds majority to become law.

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