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Pro-life group launches educational video series exposing Planned Parenthood founder


The American Life League (ALL) released a video set for students to expose the founder of Planned Parenthood. “Who Was the Real Margaret Sanger?” takes a close look at the founder’s connection to the eugenics movement and her impact on society.

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“‘Who Was the Real Margaret Sanger?’ helps high school students understand Planned Parenthood’s real agenda by examining the life of its infamous founder, the eugenicist Margaret Sanger,” says Mary Kizior, content developer of ALL’s Culture of Life Studies Program.

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According to the ALL website, the first video discusses the conditions in American society that led Sanger to start a campaign on birth control. The second video reveals her ideas about creating a “better breed” of humanity through birth control. The final video shows how Sanger’s ideas affected society and presents students with ideas on how they can create a culture of life.

ALL’s Mary Flores asserts that Planned Parenthood never intended to lift poor women out of poverty. “Right from its foundation, it was aimed at the children of the poor,” she says to LifeSite.

Flores points out that Planned Parenthood’s clinics are situated mostly in poor African-American neighborhoods of big cities. “In New York City, more black babies are aborted than are born alive,” she claims.

“‘Who Was the Real Margaret Sanger?’ shows students what Planned Parenthood doesn’t want them to see—that Margaret Sanger was a racist and eugenicist who believed that all women, but especially poor women, should limit their families to only two or three children,” Kizior states.

Kizior notes that Planned Parenthood is celebrating its 100th anniversary this month. She believes that it is the right moment to educate people to prevent them from adopting Sanger’s ideology.

Aside from the videos, the package also includes lecture notes, activity instructions, lesson plans and ready-to-print student handouts. Other topics covered by the series include racism, culture of death, the contraceptive mentality and the feminine genius.

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