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Video: Aberfan – The Untold Story


1966 a terrible tragedy strikes at the Welsh mining village of Aberfan. A mountain of coal slurry engulfes a school, claiming the lives of 116 children and 28 adults.

In one morning, a whole generation wiped out.

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Images of Aberfan’s terrible plight were broadcast around the world; it became the world’s first televised disaster and one of the defining moments of the Sixties.

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At first the Labour Government of the time had seemed anxious to help, but their promises seemed to evaporate. And although the disaster had been predicable, heads didn’t roll.

Abandoned by government, the loss of a whole generation of children awoke in this small mining community a sense of its own power.

Driven by grief, anger and guilt, the village fought for justice. They took on the might of an uncaring government and won.

This is the untold story of Aberfan.

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