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Meanwhile, just next door….

While this study has concentrated on the nest of Islamist vipers active with the help of Camden Council, it is all too clear that other Labour councils  are also guilty of allowing taxpayer-funded facilities to be used as part of the escalator of radicalisation.

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To give just one example, the neighbouring London borough of Islington, with which, of course, local MP Jeremy Corbyn has a particularly close relationship, is a major funder of both the Finsbury Park Mosque and the Muslim Welfare House.

These two institutions work very closely together, as is illustrated by this poster:



Fadel Soliman is a preacher who hit the headlines in January this year.  On January 9th, for example the Daily Express reported on his support for husbands hitting their wives and his tour of UK universities.

The newspaper went on to report that “Egyptian cleric Fadel Soliman has spoken at five events in the past year, in which he reportedly advocates domestic violence and outlines the ‘Islamic case’ for sex slavery and polygamy.”

Fadel Soliman is an admirer of Yusuf al-Qaradawi and was inspired to become an imam by Anwar al-Awlaki. He supported the killers of British troops in Iraq and advocates the full range of sharia law punishments.

Clearly such views have no place in Britain, let alone in premises funded by British taxpayers. Yet, as this screenshot of the accounts of Islington Council show, the Muslim Welfare House where Soliman preaches received a grant of £20,000 in 2012-13 and – despite cuts to essential services – the same amount the following year.


As for the Finsbury Park Mosque, used by Soliman for the same series of lectures, Islington Council has handed it £78,500 over the last four financial years.

Nor is this just a matter of a few ‘rogue’ Labour Muslims. Jeremy Corbyn is a champion of the mosque for years and has held surgeries on the premises.

Since the departure of the notorious Abu Hamza from the Finsbury Park Mosque, its new custodians, the local council and liberal-left newspapers such as the Independent has worked hard to improve its image and to portray it as a centre of moderations.

The presence of Fadel Soliman, however, provides an immediate clue as to the reality of the situation. This is particularly true given that the Egyptian misogynist did not just turn up for a short course of lectures a couple of years ago and then vanish. Rather, as this screenshot from April 2016 shows, he is a key part of the mosque establishment:


Nor is he alone. Its Chairman is Mohamad Kozbar, through which the mosque is closely linked to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.

Here’s how close it gets. This picture shows Kozbar (fourth from left) with Ismail Haniyeh in Gaza in 2012. Kozbar came to Gaza with one of the “Miles of Smiles” convoys, a Hamas support operation run by Interpal, the charity at the heart of the Hamas UK network.




The “armed wing” of Hamas gratefully welcomed the visit. During a press conference on the Palestinian side of the border, Sheikh Saeed said that “the arrival of the convoy is a new page of the Jihad against the occupation of the Palestinian territories,” confirming that “the occupation is doomed and Palestine will definitely rise again”.

“Sheikh Saeed” is a leading figure in the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood. He’s the man to Kozbar’s right in the picture above.

Mohammed Sawalha is in the picture above as well (third from right). He is a trustee of the Finsbury Park Mosque, alongside Kozbar.

Sawalha was memorably described by the BBC as a “fugitive Hamas commander” and is indeed very close to the terrorist group to this day. Sawalha was also a signatory of the notorious jihadi war cry known as the Istanbul Declaration. Zaher al-Birawi, another Hamas UK operative, can also be seen in the picture to Kozbar’s left.

Back in London, Kozbar’s Finsbury Park Mosque plays host to more than just Soliman. Here are two others:

Abdullah Djaballah

When Iraq was invaded, Abdullah Djaballah called his fellow Algerians to “wage holy Muslim war against U.S. and British invaders in Iraq”. He says “The Jews have no conscience, and they are described in the book of Allah [i.e., the Qur’an], may his name be exalted, as having all the bad qualities: lies, jealousy, treachery, cowardice, aggression which includes killing”. He believes Israel was responsible for 9/11. Corbyn posed for pictures with him when he visited the mosque.

Muhammad Salah

Muhammad Salah says apostates from Islam must be killed. He beseeches Allah for “the chance to die for his sake and to prove to the coward Zionists that the Muslims are still there and the offspring of Mohammed will definitely come back to free Jerusalem”.

Salah is also the “religious adviser” of Huda TV, an extremist satellite channel, on which he has said that having dogs or music in a house prevents the angels from visiting.

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