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Calling All Templars – CHRISTMAS time and CHRISTIAN CHARITY


Let’s not beat about the bush, because our entire civilisation is approaching a life-or-death crisis and we haven’t got time to waste on wasters:

  • Members of the Knights Templar International are EXPECTED and REQUIRED to do or to help to fund practical works of Christian charity;
  • All over Britain, Europe and the USA, untold thousands of our own people are homeless, cold and hungry as winter begins to bite;
  • We have many hundreds of KTI Associate Members now becoming eligible to apply for FULL ‘SIR KNIGHT’ STATUS every month;
  • When they apply for this upgrade, we don’t take their money. We first ask a simple question: “What have you DONE in these six months that makes you think you DESERVE to become a full member of our sacred Order?”
  • If people cannot answer that question, by pointing to concrete actions such as donations given to allow us to help others centrally, helping promote our messages on social media or by sending photos and reports of work done off their own backs in their own areas (which could range from everything to giving thermal hats and bacon sandwiches to the homeless to patrolling public transport networks at night to deter muggers and other lowlives), then we simply REFUSE to take their money when it comes to membership upgrade time;
  • We have NO TIME for posers, windbags and ’empty vessels’, and undying respect for those who leave behind our society’s poisonous habit of sitting back and saying ‘someone should do something, and BECOME the PEOPLE WHO DO SOMETHING!

So Christmas is an ideal time both to fulfill your Christian duty of charity by doing something to help the homeless (particularly ex-servicemen and vulnerable youngsters) and to show yourself worthy of the name and status of true Templar. 

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We look forward to receiving (and publishing) photos, video clips and brief reports from you. “Just do it!” 

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