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Christians are being PERSECUTED: Farage calls for ‘CAREFUL’ refugee rescue policy

The former Ukip leader also slammed the outgoing US president Barack Obama for failing to apologise for what he described as a series of foreign policy errors which led to the formation of ISIS, which in turn led to a  “flood of displaced” people. Join today

It comes after President Obama said the US must help refugees who have escaped “the horrors of war”.

Mr Farage, 52, said the Paris terror attacks in November 2015 were proof that proper checks on migrants must be carried out after five of the suspects made their way into Europe posing as refugees.

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Speaking on Fox News, Mr Farage said: “The one thing we didn’t get from Obama was any contrition, any apology, any acknowledgement of the fact that actually the unnecessary interference, in places like Libya, is directly what has led to the growth of ISIS, and has led to this flood of displaced people or refugees.”

He then suggested that world leaders should go back to the 1951 Geneva Convention definition of “refugee”.

“A refugee is a man or woman who is in direct threat of their freedom or their life as a result of their race, their religion or their beliefs,” continued the Brexiteer.

“That’s fine and I think we can, provided we have secured borders, which of course, at the moment we don’t, we can find room in our hearts for genuine refugees.”

He added: “I’m thinking particularly of Christians living in Syria, living in Iraq, being murdered, being persecuted as one very good, clear example.

“What we cannot do, I’m afraid, and if only we could, as human beings but there are 59 million people currently displaced by war according to the United Nations.

“If Obama is suggesting that we in the West can find room for all of these people – particularly given the fact that we have no means to vet whether these people have terrorist links…

“One thing, a year ago we saw those appalling massacres taking place in restaurants and that theatre in France.

“Of the eight men that committed those atrocities five of them had gotten into Europe crossing the Mediterranean posing as refugee – I’m sorry Obama, we need to be more careful than that.”

However, the outspoken MEP claimed that he believes President-elect Donald Trump’s immigration policy will make America safer.

He said: “I think what Trump has said, very clearly in the campaign is that for America to be safe you have to be absolutely sure that anyone coming to you is a genuine refugee and has no links with terrorism – if you couple this with open bordered.

“I’m speaking to you here, from Brussels, where there are whole districts that have effectively become no-go zones.

“My message is: Trump, don’t let America become like Brussels, do you know what? I’m sure that he won’t.”

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