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Army recruitment video with a BIG DIFFERENCE! [IMPORTANT video]


This army recruitment video is VERY different from all the others. It shows the stunning transition that takes place when an insurrection mutates into full-scale civil war, the transformation from a rag-tag militia into a real revolutionary army.

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A few years ago the Russian-speaking communities of eastern Ukraine were at peace, along with the rest of the country. Then the Obama regime and European Union spent billions of dollars to destabilise the country. They put into power in Kiev a gang of corrupt neo-Nazis who tried to BAN Russian-speakers from using their mother tongue. Anyone who dared object was beaten or murdered by fascist death squads.

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So the Russian-speakers rose in peaceful protest. And when they were gunned down they took up arms to defend their communities. This remarkable video shows the transition. As such it could well provide an eerie warning and foretaste of what will happen in west European countries when the Islamist jihad begins in earnest, and the survivors of the first wave of Christian-slaughter begin to fight back….

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