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Barack Obama ridiculed for weepy theatrics during final speech

The 55-year-old broke down as he paid tribute to his wife Michelle Obama during the farewell in Chicago on Tuesday evening.

At one point, Mr Obama picked up a tissue to wipe his eyes as he said the First Lady had been his “best friend” during his time in office.

In the heartfelt tribute, he said Mrs Obama had helped a new generation “set their sights higher because it has you as a role model”.

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But, not everybody was convinced the outgoing president’s waterworks were genuine.
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Laura Ingraham, a Conservative writer and commentator blasted the outgoing president, accusing him of theatrics.

After it was revealed she laughed while watching the speech back, Ingraham laid into the Obamas for a “well-produced event”.

Barack Obama Laura Igraham

Speaking on Fox News, she said: “I’ve never seen a man, and I’m not a young person, grab a tissue and dab”.

At which point the outspoken American radio host was passed a box of tissues by presenter Sean Hannity, and began to mimic Barack Obama.

“There’s some good acting involved,” she continued as she pretended to wipe away tears.

“I’m sure he’s wistful, he’s leaving after eight years and he got to be the president of the United States – but the man is not dumb he is very savvy.”

Barack Obama

Michelle Obama

In his speech, watched by millions, Mr Obama could not resist a final take a dig at his successor Donald Trump.

He told the thousands of supporters who braved the freezing temperatures: “For every two steps forward, it often feels we take one step back”, believed to be a  reference to Trump’s shock election win.

Not one to hold her tongue, Ms Ingraham slated Mr Obama for creating “more racial divisions” in the United States since he moved into the White House in 2008.

“Personally, he’s very popular, that doesn’t surprise me at all,” she said.

“[But] he has laid waste to our productivity, this idea of a vibrant economy, to a foreign policy that has some semblance of pragmatism. He’s laid waste to all of that.

“We have more racial divisions in the country than ever before.”

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