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Berlin to allow rejected asylum seekers to STAY if they have been subjected to VIOLENCE within city

Berlin Interior Minister Andreas Geisel said such refugees need “double protection” amid plans to introduce a special “decree” to halt or drop deportation charges if they had been the victims of attacks in Berlin. Join today

In an interview with Germany’s Tagesspiegel, Giesel said the plan would be “a strong political signal to all those who think ‘who wants to expel refugees from the country should attack them’.

“Here I say ‘No’. Whoever is subjected to far-right violence [enjoys] double protection from us and will not be deported.”

Giesel added the plans to drop deportation charges are aimed to raise awareness of the plight of refugees in Germany, and to make clear to the perpetrators that their attacks would “achieve the opposite” effect.

Last year there were an estimated 921 attacks on refugees facilities across Germany, according to Federal Criminal Police (BKA).
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Officials claim around 860 of the attacks – almost 80 per cent – had a far-right background.

The figure includes 371 cases of property damage, 211 hate speech incidents and 66 arson attacks, according to German newspaper Die Welt.

Speaking to Die Welt, Eva Hoegl, the Social Democrats’ (SPD) deputy parliamentary group leader, said: “this figure is frighteningly high”.

Meanwhile, the national government has warned it could stop offering aid to countries which refuse to take back unwanted migrants.

Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel told German weekly Der Spiegel in an interview: “Those who do not cooperate sufficiently cannot hope to benefit from our development aid”, with Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere he “fully supports the idea”.
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