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Le Pen vows to stay on if she loses French presidential election

Mlle Le Pen, who, according to elections polls, will breeze through the first round of the upcoming elections told the French television channel BFMTV that she would stay in politics no matter what because she “wasn’t acting out of self-interest”. Join today

She said: “I refuse to throw in the towel because of one small setback. I will not quit because I am fighting for my country, for the French, and not for myself.”

The hardline leader added that her “inspirational” campaign slogan – “In the name of the people” – reflected the urgent need to protect France’s national identity.

She went on to add that her closest rival, conservative candidate François Fillon, would “cripple” France if elected president.
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Mlle Le Pen also said immigrants should not have the right to vote in the presidential elections and that French citizenship should be either “inherited or merited”.

She said: “Your right to vote is a fundamental human right, but it depends on your nationality. You’re either French, and have the right to vote, or an immigrant, and don’t have the right to vote.”

Marine Le Pen launches her campaign

The immigration hardliner added that legal migrants who contributed to the French economy would not be deported if she took over the reins from outgoing president François Hollande next spring; but reiterated her intention to end birthright citizenship.

She warned:“Citizenship will no longer be automatically granted to babies born in France to foreign parents.”

Le Pen at a campaign conference

The Front National leader added that she would make the citizenship test “even harder” in an attempt to curb illegal migration to France.
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