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New Year Resolution: Be ready for the coming storm against Trump. Vital KTI warning for all American patriots [videos]



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Most Americans who voted for Donald Trump think that, now he’s won, the job is done. NOTHING could be further from the TRUTH. While patriots and Christians have been celebrating a merry Christmas and a brighter and more peaceful looking New Year, powerful and sinister forces have continued plotting to plunge America into CHAOS from January 20th onwards. Not for a day or so, but for as long as it takes to OVERTHROW President Trump.

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Make no mistake! George Soros, and the shadowy elite he represents, really are planning a ‘Colored Revoution’ against American democracy.

The Knights Templar International have made a specialised study of this subject, including using our contacts in eastern European countries which have already had the misfortune of experiencing such interference.

And now we’re warning patriotic Americans that YOUR COUNTRY IS NEXT! This video gives a great intro into the subject, though of course it was made before Trump’s victory changed so much. The introduction therefore isn’t so relevant any more. But from 1 minute 17 seconds in, it becomes even more relevant than ever…

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If the elected government is left to fight against this on its own, then the narrative will become the lie that what is going on is “The People vs Trump”. And if that happens, Trump and America will lose.

What is needed is for lovers of Freedom, Democracy, the Constitution and Christianity to learn what is planned, to study how it will be done, and to organise to resist it. Starting right now!

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First point (after watching the two vital videos below, will be to get these books widely read by American patriots. They are the how-to guides on the first stage of the coming war on American freedom.

Colored revolution starts like this:

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Goes on like this:

Image result for anti-trump protest violentTurns into this:



And then all the leftist BS about ‘non-violence’ turns into THIS


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Image result for revolution kiev

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Now watch this video to learn more about a ‘revolution’ that Soros and the Clintonistas have already run. Learn what we face, and what we have to do….

Step One: Spread the Word – America Is Under Attack From Within. Educate and Organise to RESIST!

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