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“Prepare for a Long Civil War” – French government admits it’s all going south! (videos)


“Prepare for a long civil war!” That’s the message now coming from the French government, in the most dramatic admission from any ‘Establishment’ yet of the catastrophic failure of fifty years of immigration and social policy failures.

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The French government has said straight out that the country is at “war” and has told its citizens to prepare for this war to be “long term … and on our soil”. In other words: Even the Socialist French government now admits that the country is entering a long civil war which will stretch years into the future.

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Recently president Hollande hinted at the ideology of the enemy: “France has a problem with Islam.”

Looking at the numbers, it is clear that the French government’s words about a long standing war inside the country has to be taken literally: 40,000 additional reserve soldiers will ready by 2018. At the same time they build 10,000 new prison cells, of which 8,000 will be isolation cells – necessary to try to prevent hardline Islamists from recruiting more Jihadists while in prison.

Moreover, the country is in the process of creating a new Home Guard with 84,000 armed citizens. Here, people under 25 will be paid 100 euros a month and businesses that give employees time off to patrol the streets get tax benefits (a brilliant idea that other European countries should adopt).

So France is preparing for a long standing, armed – and therefore bloody – civil war. The rest of Europe will be forced to follow suit in a couple of years.



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