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The REAL plot behind the Trump-Russian sex smears – it’s FAR worse than you think! [video]


The ‘deep state’ in London and Washington went to a great deal of trouble to produce and publicise the ‘dodgy dossier’ against Donald Trump. The question is: “Why?” Because this ridiculous pack of ludicrous lies was never going to stand up as ‘evidence’ in the impeachment proceedings of liberal MSM fantasy. So there has to be another reason for it, and here it is:

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The purpose of producing such an absurdly lurid set of allegations is to manipulate the leftist and BLM mobs which are being mobilized for Inauguration Day and thereafter.

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The aim of the people (led by George Soros) inciting and organizing these mobs is nothing short of the violent overthrow of the elected President of the United States of America. To achieve that, the mob must be filled with righteous hysteria, while those who would oppose such moves must be filled with enough doubt to weaken their resolve and make them stay at home, while the Soros/CIA mob does in America’s main cities what was done in Kiev during their coup against the elected government of Ukraine.

This is why the accusations are so extreme and sordid. They are not meant to be really believed by normal people, they are designed to give absolute moral certainty to a fanatical mob, and to create confusion and doubt in the masses so that they do not rally to the cause of their President.

Make no mistake, the ‘deep state’, the New World Order, the military-industrial complex, the neo-cons – call them what you will – are absolutely determined that the Donald Trump revolution must be aborted before it even starts. This is a life and death struggle between the ‘elite’ and the American people and the man who has become their Last Hope.

Whether by intimidating Donald Trump into behaving himself, especially in relation to foreign policy (another sub-aim of the dossier), overthrowing him or encouraging some lunatic to murder him (yet another aim), these people will do whatever it takes to protect their power, wealth and vested interests.

That is why the dossier was never supposed to be long-term believable, still less to stand up in a court of law. It is designed to manipulate people and events for just a week or so. It is intended to set the scene and prepare the ground for the mass mobilization of hundreds of thousands of people in mobs so angry and motivated that the only way the police can control them is to use force in such measure that there are deaths.

Once again, a study of the events in the Soros/CIA coups in Kiev and during the equally phony ‘Arab Spring’ shows that the death of demonstrators is the essential trigger that turns protest into revolution. All these events are from the same playbook.

All of which explains why it is so important that American patriots rally in vast numbers to provide moral and physical support to their chosen President on January 20th – and prepare to take things even further in the weeks and months ahead.

Because if Trump uses the force of the state to crush the phony ‘rebellion’ (as he is duty bound to do), that very act risks delegitimizing him and provoking even more dangerous unrest. The only sure and certain guard for America’s Second Revolution are, as always “We The People”.

Prepare to stand! Prepare to fight! Prepare to go to war for our free Christian Republic!


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