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Remoaner Nick Clegg ‘finally admits the Queen DID launch tirade about the European Union’


The New Statesman magazine reported: “Nick Clegg maintains that Her Majesty was merely grumpy about Europe and regretted the eclipse of the Commonwealth”.

The scandal surrounding the Queen’s stance on an EU exit erupted in March after it was reported Her Majesty tore into ex-Lib Dem leader Clegg over Europe.

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The Queen was said to have rebuked Europhile Clegg, telling him the EU was heading in the wrong direction, with it claimed other guests “were left in no doubt about her views on Europe”.

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Flip-flopping Clegg said of the conversation at the time: “I have absolutely no recollection of it.

“I think I would have remembered something as stark or significant as you have made it out to be.

“Anyway, without sounding pompous, I find it rather distasteful to reveal conversations with the Queen.”

After branding the story an “A-grade, 24-carat bilge”, the 49-year old has now reportedly admitted the incident took place.

But this is not the only bombshell claim surrounding the Queen’s position on the Brussels bloc.

Her Majesty’s biographer, Robert Lacey, claimed she asked dinner guests to give her three “good reasons” to stay in the EU.

Buckingham palace have not denied any private comments.


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