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Virginia Military Institute – 2017 Inaugural Parade [video]


Don’t miss this fantastic show by the Virginia Military Institute’s Corps of Cadets, an outstanding display at the presidential inaugural parade!

And, for those of you who want to know the Old European origins of all this, just take a look at the second video…

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Scots-Irish – the people who formed the backbone of America’s military from the very beginning!

Hi Uncle Sam!
When freedom was denied you,
And imperial might defied you,
Who was it stood beside you
At Quebec and Brandywine?

And dared retreats and dangers,
Red-coats and Hessian strangers,
In the lean, long-rifled Rangers,
And the Pennsylvania Line!

Hi! Uncle Sam!
Wherever there was fighting,
Or wrong that needed writing,
An Ulsterman was sighting
His Kentucky gun with care:

All the road to Yorktown,
From Lexington to Yorktown,
From Valley Forge to Yorktown,
That Ulsterman was there!

Hi! Uncle Sam!
Virginia sent her brave men,
The North paraded grave men,
That they might not be slavemen,
But ponder this with calm:

The first to face the Tory,
And the first to lift Old Glory,
Made your war an Ulster story:
Think it over, Uncle Sam!

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