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Eritrean “refugees” often travel home on holidays

Men, women, but even entire families from Eritrea live in temporary reception facilities in Switzerland. They can not be deported because theyr are “threatened with their life” in their country. But according to investigations of the Bazeler Zeitung (BaZ), many of them often travel back to their country using travel documents issued by Swiss cantons at their own request.
There are no direct flights from Zurich, the travelers make the stopover in Istanbul. From there they would fly to the Sudanese or Ethiopian capital and then continue by bus to their home country, reports the Basel newspaper.
This means that up to 50 people are allowed to leave Switzerland every day. “Four out of five Eritreans in Switzerland receive social assistance. This is apparently so generous that it is possible for many to travel to their homeland “, writes BaZ.
As there are no direct flights, it is difficult to determine who is going to Eritrea via a neighboring country, said the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM). There would be only a few people who would abuse the status of asylum. About 20 suspects would be checked annually, but according to the latest information, this would be less than half as much as in the summer daily flies from Zurich to Sudan.
Thousands of expatriates travel annually
At the weekend, it was now announced that in 2016 the asylum status was only recognized in six cases, and this, despite the fact that thousands of travels are granted every year, continues BaZ. Between 2010 and 2014, a total of 46,213 applications for travel abroad by refugees and asylum seekers were submitted and were almost all approved. Approximately 15,000 of these went to Eritrea. All just individual cases?
These findings were reported last summer at the Züricher Volkspolizei and from there to the SP Government Council and the Security Director, who in return informed the cantonal immigration office. The man in charge there asked for further clarification in Bern, unsuccessfully – it was difficult to prove the abuse. In addition to the documents issued by Switzerland, the Eritreans would use the homeland’s travel documents, according to the information provided by the Federal Authority to the Zurich Migration Office.
Refugees as foreign exchange buyers
Many Eritreans, who claimed to have no documents while they made their asylum application, suddenly appeared to have passeports from their homeland. Either they have subdued them to the Swiss authorities, or have obtained new papers elsewhere. The NZZ on Sunday revealed already three years ago that the Eritrean representation in Switzerland with the Eritrean Diaspora in Europe not only taxes for the home country drives, but also organized travels to Eritrea. Refugees are a source of currency for the country.
According to BaZ, however, even the SEM is not satisfied with the situation and wants to get to the bottom of the problem. Since 2014, there will be a migratory attache in the Sudanese capital Khartoum, exactly where the Eritreans are leaving the plane on their way home. This is to find the passenger data with the airlines, the airlines denied however so far the information.
In the meantime, the Parliament’s auditing committee wants to examine the details more closely. In addition, the supervision of the Federal Council and the Federal Administration is already following the report of the EU diplomats, which became known at the beginning of the year, which show a completely different, less dramatic picture of the situation in the country than the Federal Council has spread on every occasion.
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