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Hungary could start its OWN trade talks with Brexit Britain in EU rebuff


HUNGARY has hinted it wants to begin its own trade talks with Britain independent of the European Union in a major snub for the Brussels club.

Zoltan Kovacs, the Hungarian Government’s spokesperson has told a press conference in London on Monday that it was hoping to keep strong ties to the UK as “the British contribution to the EU will be missing”.

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Although Hungary said it respected the EU, it didn’t rule out starting its own bilateral talks with the UK at the same time as Brexit negotiations.
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He said: “I never suggested that Hungary is not willing to talk about bilateral forms of cooperation – even at the same time with Brexit negotiations.

“But legally it cannot be effect until Brexit is finished.

“Through the Hungarian ambassador, the Foreign Ministry or economic institutions the Hungarian prospective and interest could be observed.”

Bilateral negotiation is a process of making offers and counter offers by two parties of agents with the aim of finding an acceptable agreement.

Viktor Orban

The comments show growing unrest between Hungary and the rest of the European Union (EU), as the country rejects Brussels’ pro-migrant agenda, and tries to build more ties with Russia.

Mr Kovacs has previously blasted the EU for failing to protect its borders, leaving Hungary vulnerable to illegal migrants.

The country was on a direct Balkans route used by migrants to make their way from Greece and into Serbia and Croatia.

The strain on the nation led to a huge barbed wire fence being installed along the border, with guards being armed with rubber bullets to shoot at those who tried to storm barriers.

Last month Mr Kovacs called Brussels “naïve” for failing to install borders at more pressure points, with members leaving the EU open for a “free ride” to migrants.

Zoltan Kovacs

Mr Kovacs today said the Hungarian government’s main focus is to secure the situation of those Hungarians already living in the UK.

He added: “We have one interest in focus: to provide security to those Hungarians who already live and work here and acquired some rights.”

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