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“Kosovo is Serbia” – here’s ANOTHER Clinton wrong for The Donald to put right! [video]


When we read about Bill Clinton and the other liberal elite criminals forcing the Serbians to hand over the heart of their country to Muslim terrorists, it’s sometimes a bit difficult to see it in human terms, rather than just as something that happened in 1999 and is now forgotten and over. Not in Serbia it isn’t!

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This Serbian folk song about Kosovo with English subtitles gives us Westerners a glimpse of how these people feel about it – and how and why the Serbians are one day going to liberate their stolen land and their families who still live under occupation and in fear.

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Kosovo is Serbia. Come on, Donald, time to undo the evil done by Clinton and give it back to its rightful owners, not the church-burning, Christian-killing Islamists who run the place as a giant terrorist training camp and drugs factory.


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