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Marine Le Pen HAILS Trump for ‘keeping his promises’ and vows to make France ‘free again’


Launching her campaign at a rally in Lyon, eastern France, Le Pen echoed Trump’s nationalist inauguration speech as she said France under her reign “will be all about the local, not the global”.

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Le Pen applauded the 45th US President as she said: “Donald Trump is keeping his promises, acting fast and strong in the interest of his people.”

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The 48-year-old National Front leader was forced to speak over applause and cries of “we are in our land” as she detailed her plans to fight globalisation and radical Islam.

She promised a “zero tolerance” approach to crime with the recruitment of 15,000 extra police, focusing on the troubled suburbs of many French cities.

On Saturday, Le Pen’s National Front party published her 144 “commitments”, her nationalist agenda which envisions a France, unshackled from the EU and Nato.

Her “Made in France” economic policies would be based on jobs for French workers, and a clampdown on foreign companies creating “unfair competition” from other countries in the global economy.

Criticising the EU at her rally, Le Pen said: “The European Union has placed us under guardianship, we will have to find a compromise with Europe to regain sovereignty.”

Currently leading the presidential polls, Le Pen could not help but to reference Francois Fillon’s alleged financial scandal as she claims to be all for the people.

Le Pen sad: “Faced with the cash-rich rightwing and the cash-rich leftwing, only I am he candidate for the people.”


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