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Videos Show Leftist Paid Protesters with Shields, Weapons, Bats and other Weaponry at UC Berkeley Riots [video]


“Professional protesters” incited the violence at writer Milo Yiannopoulos’ planned speech at the University of California, Berkeley this week.

They were the same people who caused violence elsewhere on Milo’s West Coast tour.

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Milo’s Berkeley speech Wednesday night ended in riots, with anti-Milo protesters starting fires, destroying windows, and punching members of the crowd. A female Trump supporter was pepper-sprayed while being interviewed on camera.

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Big League Politics published exclusive video footage of the agitators who started the melee. They moved furtively into the crowd dressed in black and quickly started wreaking havoc.

“They come in in a single-file line with backpacks on. They have shields,” Milo’s security coordinator Tej Gill, a former Navy SEAL, told Big League Politics in an exclusive interview.

“These are professional protesters from out of town. They’re the same guys that were at Seattle,” Gill said, describing agitators with “full face masks on, black hoodies, black jeans, black gloves.”

Where does this model come from? Well, just look at the second video, in which REAL Nazis in Ukraine attack their opponents and the police. And, guess what, George Soros, financed them too!

The good news is that, whereas the Soros-backed Nazi thugs in Ukraine are genuinely tough working class hooligans, often with military experience, the so-called ‘Black Block’ anarchists he hires and busses in to attack faggy Alt-Right dweebs in the USA are themselves middle class college kids.

They’re ‘hard’ enough to attack old men, girls and outnumbered libertarian intellectuals, but when they come up against real American workers they soon squeal and start demanding police protection!

But they need stopping NOW, before they get more experienced and recruit some street blacks to give them some real muscle. Donald Trump should do it by declaring Antifa and similar gangs to be the terrorist organizations they are, then having the police sweep them off the streets and into prison for full terms of 15 years.

But if for some reason he fails to do so, then the only force between these creatures and their destruction of American freedom will be the American people. Time to organize, just in case…

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