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Patriots freed in Hungary – great move by Viktor Orban to slap down liberals [video]


Great news! Our good friend György Budaházy and all his comrades have today all been released from prison in Hungary. They were sentenced to long prison terms last year for their role in fighting the country’s last corrupt socialist government and various manifestations of the left-liberal attack on tradition and Christian values in Hungary.

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Shortly before Christmas, the KTI organised and financed a very successful fund-raising dinner and folk concert to raise money for the prisoners’ families. We have also made videos and written letters to highlight their plight and to urge the Hungarian government to free the prisoners and thus send a message to Western European liberals that – while patriotic and Christian ‘refugees’ from the West are welcome in Europe, liberals and their warped ideas most definitely are not! Perhaps this message has helped!

They are not yet completely free, being at present under house arrest, but at least they are at home with their families. Thanks are due to Viktor Orban, who yet again shows his true mettle as an outstanding statesman and visionary. Hungary is truly blessed to have patriots like György, leaders like László Toroczkai and a Prime Minister like Viktor Orban!

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