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Poland’s MOST WANTED RAPIST arrested in BRITAIN after escaping ten year jail sentence


Marian Dorobek, 68, was wanted in Poland after being convicted of several charges of rape and child sex offences.

The elderly pensioner encouraged teenagers – many of which came from “disadvantaged families” – to clean his home, offering them cash, jewellery and cigarettes as payment.

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But when the young girls arrived at his apartment, the pervert threw himself at them before tying them up and brutally raping them.

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The paedophile, who also threatened the girls with a flamethrower, is believed to have kept a gruesome journal detailing the extent of his violent and deranged acts.

But he was eventually interrupted by a neighbour, who heard the screams of her daughter and immediately called the police.

Dorobek faced a trial in court last November and was sentenced to 10 years in prison – but managed to evade law enforcement officials and has been on the run ever since.

However, after a district court in Grudziadz issued a European Arrest Warrant, police in Lancashire were tipped off the prolific criminal could be on board a ferry that was due to dock on Wednesday afternoon.

He was arrested by police at Heysham with a European arrest warrant as the boat from Isle of Man arrived at the port.

Dorobek taken to Wandsworth prison and will appear at Westminster Magistrates Court for an extradition hearing.

Manchester’s Chief Constable Gary Roberts has praised the “excellent work” of the Isle of Man force to trace and identify someone considered a “very dangerous man”.

Inspector Phil Hutchinson, of Lancashire Police, added: “This is a great example of innovative use of legislation and of a number of disciplines from within the Constabulary coming together at a moment’s notice to facilitate this arrest.

“Our prompt actions have resulted in an extremely dangerous offender being taken off the streets and returned to Polish authorities where he will complete his significant custodial sentence.

“Our thought and best wishes remain with the victims of the horrendous crimes he has committed.”


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