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Rape gangsters scream ‘Allahu Akbar’ as they are jailed – but media liars ALL want you to forget THIS VIDEO!


The BBC and Sky appear to have ignored the latest Rotherham gang rapes case, despite the fact that the guilty perverts screamed ‘Allahu Akbar’ as they were sentenced, as did their ‘supporters’ in the court. Some more right-wing news outlets, including the Mail and Breitbart have given the story the coverage it deserves, but all have been careful to avoid reminding their readers that one man tried to warn about what was happening over ten years ago – and TWICE put on trial for doing so.

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The Mail’s headline today sums it all up, but this is the same paper which. more than ten years ago, ran a front page demanding that then British National Party leader Nick Griffin should be JAILED for speaking at a meeting in the West Yorkshire town of Keighley, warning about what was going on and urging local people to organise peacefully and politically (part of the speech which, of course, the lying BBC carefully edited out!) to pressure the police, media and political elite to act to stop it and to protect the young victims.

Instead, they arrested HIM, dragged him to court and began a ten year campaign to destroy the upstart party which had dared to break the taboo on discussing the clear link between Islam as taught in many Muslim communities in Britain and the sexual exploitation of young non-Muslim girls and racist violence against young non-Muslim males.

If only they had listened, how many young lives would not have been ruined? According to the estimate of a left-wing social worker expert, up to ONE MILLION. Because Rotherham is not the end of this scandal, but merely the tiniest tip of a truly grotesque iceberg.

More recently, a number of neocon ultra-liberals, together with the militantly homosexual wing of the so-called Alt-Right (often they are the same people) have started to speak about this issue. From the well-known Milo to the obscure but well-connected Ann-Marie Walters (see top photo), this Alt-Right LGBT brigade have turned against Islam because Islam condemns homosexuality.

So let’s get this straight: To us, as traditionalist, Bible-true Christians, that is one of the GOOD things about Islam. Just as its ban on Usury is another.

The problem is NOT all of Islam, but the highly aggressive Wahhabi strain of Islam – and the fact that vast sums of Saudi oil money and CIA organisation have been used to promote what was an obscure heresy until it is now the dominant voice within the majority of Sunni Muslim colonies in the West, including in Britain.

Doing what Ann-Marie Walters and her backers tried to do last year, when they planned to use offensive cartoons of Muhammad to spark nationwide clashes between Muslims and their non-Muslim neighbours, would not solve anything. It would merely get innocent people killed and drive even more young Muslims into the arms of the Jihadists.

By the same token, the efforts by the political and media elite, which continue to play down problems such as the mass gang rape of young girls, and to decry working class concern about such things as ‘racist’, are also radicalising many white people.

The answer, we believe. The sensible, decent, Christian answer. Is to talk about the problems openly. Just as Mr Griffin did way back in 2004, as these two videos remind us:

Was he right? About just how much?

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