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Strange bedfellows – George Soros and the questions the Left need to ask [video]


The radical, anti-capitalist left, closely allied with one of the most notoriously greedy capitalists in the modern world. Billionaire financier George Soros is funding the entire anti-Trump movement and a host of NGOs all over Europe and beyond, and the supposed ‘revolutionary vanguard of the working class’ apparently don’t even stop to ask themselves if by chance he’s using them!

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Strange bedfollows. Except that, in truth they’re not just in bed. Soros also OWNS the bed. And the hotel. And the street. He’s worth more than many countries. He’s  in the top 1 per cent of the 1 per cent! Come on, leftists everywhere! THINK!

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Naive SJWs in the USA and Britain may still dancing to his tune, all over Europe large numbers of left-wing activists are turning against the billionaire hedgefund parasite George Soros.

The ‘Stop Soros’ Movement that started in Macedonia is spreading rapidly in the former socialist states of the Balkans and central Europe.

Some of those involved are from the ‘right’ of politics, angered by the way Soros-funded NGOs are at the forefront of pushing mass Muslim migration. But more and more young people from the ‘left’ are also getting involved. They are angry at the way long-time international bankster Soros uses his vast wealth to manipulate the left into siding with global corporations such as Microsoft, Starbucks, Fords and Boeing in their opposition to democratically elected governments.

They might not like what populist governments do, but they recognise that they are elected and can be, and often are, voted out of office by ‘progressive’ rivals. The only person in the world to remove George Soros from power, by contrast, is the Grim Reaper, who’s only a democrat and egalitarian by default! No wonder people are starting to think about this issue really seriously.

It’s an interesting new alignment, we’ll keep you posted!

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