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A Soldier’s Prayer [video]


We thank Thee, O Lord our God, for all the blessings which thou givest us.

Thou hast kept us by Thy power in good health during the night and Thou hast called us up from sleep, that we may enjoy the light of day and to marvel at Thy Majesty.

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We entreat Thee,O Lord,grant that we may live this day without danger or sin, but full of Thy mercies and Thy divine care.

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Protect my family and the families of my fellow-soldiers from all evil.

Enlighten the peoples who conquer and torture other nations, make them repent and seek peace,leaving other lands and their dwellers free.

Open Thou the eyes of our mind to see Thy divine law and incline our hearts ever to do Thy commandments, to the glory of Thine all-holy Name of the Father and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit


And here’s a modern Soldier’s Prayer….

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